’s first talk and show (Areas to be covered)

Dear all, I have arranged’s virgin (first) talk and show on the 16 November 2014 in Park Mall, 9 Penang Road, (Opposite Dhoby Ghaut MRT Train Station) 13th floor Resilience Room. Timing will be from 10am to 1pm… Maybe the talk and Q&A will start from 10.30am till 12.30pm. The half an hour grace period (before and after) is for me to do my start up and also finish up.

Many thanks to my friends who guided me along the way to find seminar rooms, their opinions, their whatsapp messages, etc.

Most importantly, I appreciate all your encouragement(s) in coming out from hiding behind my computer screen and talk more stories in front of you all. You all know la… I am a very superb shy person… Wakakakakakakakakakakaka!!!! Well, I am also very shy to type out that I am a very superb shy person.

Here are the reasons why I decided to hold talks.

Beside agreeing and took up the challenge from some of you, to be honest there are some things I just cannot write here in because of sensitivity and some might break my “laws” that are attached to my Yin practice. Thus, by giving and holding seminars, I can go more in depth in stories and explore with you all many more deeper knowledge of Yin practice such as why such things happen and for what reason(s) they did happen in such manner. And the next reason is I am not so good in writing too. Well, I am also not so good in public speaking either. Maybe even worse. Hehe… And the most important reason is that I am in front of you all when story telling and if in any point you can’t understand, you may interrupt and ask question(s) and also you can prepare some raw expired eggs and aim at me…..

Well, as like in writing, the seminar will be held in a fun and entertainment manner and if in some stories if they are scary, you can hug me too….. Why I not pai sei (shy) one ah? No no no… Please bring a pillow along. If it is scary, you can hug the pillow and if it gets bored, also quite useful but please don’t snore.

The topics to be covered on 16 November are as follow:


Again, mind mapping is always a useful tool for me to plan my flow… Here it goes..

I will start off with a not so necessary brief introduction of myself. Maybe 2 to 3 seconds cos I think I know all of you well and you all know me well well too :)

Then I will explain briefly why is being created more on what triggers me to write and write… Not so much on Venn’s reason…

After this ice breaking introduction, I should be more calmed down and not so stage fright and start proper on the topics.. Because the last story is on #129 “Ghostbusting case on 23rd August 2014”, I will then go in deeper to this story as in what happens if ghostbusting is not done, what will happen to both the maid and the hungry ghost’s souls, who will take control, how the maid will be like, etc.

With this, I will address why Yin practice and Yin Feng Shui are associated and linked to spiritual stuff and how Yang practitioner viewed us and how we counter their views and arguments and show you the reasons why Yang practitioners have to undergo Yin practice as a form of upgrading.

With these, I will then address if anyone will want to learn feng shui, how to go about it – whether to study in a class (group) or learn individually with practitioner(s). And of course, I can share my experiences learning Yin and Yang feng shui with my master and how I treated him in a “nice and fine” manner.. Hehehehehehehehehehe hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

And I have a question arising from a reader from the last story about how Yin practitioners view “Fate” – Is is a Murphy’s Law? and also a life of a Feng Shui practitioner. Will start off with Yang, Yin and then Yin Yang practitioners’ way of living or lifestyle.

And then I will touch base on feng shui using renovation and symbolical stuff. What are the rationales behind these feng shui(s).

And as a conclusion, I may wanna end off by forecasting how feng shui practioners will be like in the future.. Hehehehehe!

And then hor, Question and Answer sessions and also….. E….G….G…. Throwing session……… No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, I am unable to complete every aspect of Yin practice in 2 to 3 hours seminar. We shall begin and explore together in this upcoming first show. If you all like it and wants to listen to me more and deeper in more topics, we can arrange more talks and seminars and you all can choose topics of your interests.

The seminar rooms will be like this:


However, I may request for those chairs with a small foldable table attached to them so that you all can write notes, rest your arms and even head (if the talk is boring) and also to put the expired eggs on it………

Now comes to the sensitive topic… How much I charging?

As this is the first talk, I am looking at $88 per person as a lucky auspicious number to support and his seminars. And do expect door gift(s) too.

However, if you feel its too low or high, you can give any amount at your comfort level (ie. not necessary to be $88). What is more important is that you can learn or gain some insights or knowledge on Yin Feng Shui aspects and also enjoy the seminar.

Payment wise can be in cash or cheque made payable either to “” or “Fong Chun Cheong” and put in an Ang Pow or envelope (with your name written on it) and pass to me on the day of event.

Seats are limited… More than half the seats are taken and reserved liao after my last story.

You can either sms, facebook, call, meet or email me to make a booking.

The seminar will be conducted in my broken English like the way how I write stories :)

Not restricted to English language… hehehehe!!!!

I look forward to seeing you all in this seminar on 16th November at 10am.

And will continue to update my stories…. Please stay tuned..

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, looking for caterer for this seminar (if you have any good ones, please let me know), signing off….

***************sign off****************

Again, no need to support here… Support by reserving a seat in his seminar :)



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