Being a speaker on Yin practice topics

Dear all, apologies for the delay again. Excuses similar as before so no need to write again.. Hehehehehehehehe….

My apologies……

During my days or period of disappearance, I have received many requests from many of you to hold talks or seminars or workshops regarding the topics on Yin practice and Yin feng shui.

Hmmm…. I think over and over and over and over and over and….. again and decided to agree to the requests.

And am not going to be like those boring speeches whereby I prepare my speeches and speak for hours and hours until you all fall asleep. Will make it to be an interactive one whereby after I make a presentation or speech on the topic I prepared and then you can ask me any kind of questions on any topics (regarding anything about Yin stuff) and can get me unprepared and I will just answer or make a speech on the topic.

The benefits of this talk or speech are that I can go into more depth in the stories and theories of the Yin practice and Yin feng shui that I couldn’t do so in writing stories in due to my lousy writing skills.. Furthermore, you can interact with ccfong personally be it you want to ask ccfong questions, throw eggs at him, beat him up, etc. Well, some things cannot be written and can only say so all these things can be leaked out too. Hehehehehehe……

There are many areas and topics surrounding this Yin Feng Shui stuff. Below is a mind map on only some examples of topics surrounding the Yin Feng Shui.


And I will not touch too much on those normal feng shui stuffs or information you all can find easily from anywhere everywhere.

However, there are many logistics and admin that got to be done before this can work out. I have to find a place to conduct this kind of seminar and talks and also I need to roughly gauge how many audience I am looking at.

If possible, I would appreciate (if you happen to read this story) if you can either sms me or reply to my email that I sent my update of stories or facebook or in any other ways that you are interested in these seminars or talks so that I can do the necessary administration stuff. I also welcome negative feedbacks too e.g. you shouldn’t hold talk, you not handsome enough to hold talk ah, your speech cannot make it, etc. All are welcome.

I look forward to your response(s).

Another request from (mainly) parents… Asking me to coach their children to take control of their life, better manage their emotions, handle stress, etc.

Will write a little story on my humble history and then use Yin theories to explain it.. I started my this Yin practice at age 12 and I was then handling both my career and studies at the same time. At this age of 12, children usually do not understand what is career and often a times, do not have directions and thus unable to take control of their life independently and may need to depend on their parents to temporarily “control” it. Furthermore, if any mishap happens (e.g. a failure, some hiccups in life, etc.), a child or teenage will just give up on their life and thus their future is being compromised.

I was doing my ACCA program at age 18 while still studying in a local polytechnic and managed to complete the course at age 21 during my army days. At this age, teenagers may not have the fighting spirit or sometimes courage to take up hard challenges and always push or defer the challenges to a later stage whereby they have the time, ability, etc.

And at age 26, I met with an accident that left me paralysed and after 6 years of tough fight, I can slowly walk again (slowly and clumsily) and recovery is beyond medical science.

Let me now explain this in Yin practice.

At times when you look at children or young teenagers, you may wonder is there something missing up there in them? Actually you are not wrong in thinking like this.

Under Yin practice and theories, the mind forms this way.

Let us break the mind into 3 parts – the back, the middle and the front.

In the early stages of life (ie. baby to children), normally the back of the mind will start to grow first. This back of mind is responsible to keep us balance, walk, mobility, etc. Normally subconscious is at the back and that also explains why young kids can have psychics abilities or can see “things”…

Then in the childhood to teenage stage, the middle of the mind starts to grow. This middle mind is responsible to show politeness to people, to have feelings and emotions, etc.

And then from teenage to adults like us, the front mind then start to grow and this front mind is responsible for us to take control of our life, to have directions as to where and what we want to be, etc.

So in my earlier days, my mind was like those described above. I was guided by my master and he coached me to take control of my life at age 12 (stage where my middle mind starting to grow) with only my developed back of the mind. He guided me to tap on the subconscious mind so that I have the instinct of fighting spirit and also have the instinct or ability to handle both career and studies at the same time and to handle all kind of stress that arises.

Because I was being trained like this during my young days, I became more matured (in controlling my life and have a proper direction) and was toughen up and fighting spirit was high since then. And with this, I am able to fight through my disability stage in life and also tapped on my back of my mind to train my balancing and walking again.

And now parents want me to duplicate my this training to their children so that they can handle stress and take control of their life and be responsible of their future and waste no time in building a strong foundation in life.

These are the two requests from many of you during my absence in Hehehehehe….

Okay… Back to the first request, I do look forward to your response to find out if you are interested in being my audience for story telling and to explore with me into the deeper aspect of Yin Feng Shui.

I look forward to your response once again.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, refreshing his email, sms, telephone, etc. to see if there are any response or not, signing off….

*********************Signing off******************

This round is to support by emailing or sms or call him :)


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