Ghostbusting case on 23rd August 2014

Hi all! Back to my story telling time after so long of disappearance. And since my excuses are always the same, I have decided not to write the excuses down here. You may refer to my excuses from the previous stories – about the same.


Today’s story is an educational one cos it is written and also dedicated to a 11 year old little girl by the name of Lee Yee Xuan. After hearing the case from don’t-know-who, she messaged me and asked me to tell her more on the experiences. Well, I decided to share it here so she and everyone can read about it.

And I also will try to make this story not so scary cos I am writing it to the somebody who vowed not to read all my ghost stories. Well, she was only 3 years old when I started my ghostbusting line at 12 years old. Sayang you over here too…… :)

Enough of my introduction… Let me start off today’s journey with a photo of Singapore Fatty version of Ghostbusters. Yeah! We have our equipment too!!!

photo-207Thanks to Mr Neo for this wonderful photo

Ok… Begins….

It was a usual Saturday night on 23rd August 2014, I went to party and told my mum that I would arrive at Grandma’s house late due to work reasons. Well, I hope my mum don’t read this story. After enjoying the party, I reached my grandma’s house on 2300hrs and my mum and relatives were busy eating supper. As my diet and theirs are different, I can only use eye power to “eat” supper while still feeling hungry. Then on 2301hrs, I received a call from a family complaining that one of their maids like being possessed by a ghost and requested my assistance. So I bid farewell to my relatives and grandma on 2302hrs with the reason that I need to attend an urgent work related matter. They don’t believe and thought I was going to party. Well, this is life. When I go party and tell them work, it is party. And when I go work and tell them work, they think it is a party. Next time I must party more so they will think that I am a hardworking man.

Hello Fong Chun Cheong, please focus on your story lah!!!!!!!!! Ok Ok Ok Ok!!!! Back to my story again….

I arrived at the family’s house and saw everybody standing outside the maid’s room and their faces were in shocked. Then I boosted to them that I can now walk without my crutches. Well, I tried my best to divert their attention but to no effect. Not giving up on my showing off, I proceeded to the maid’s room WITHOUT my crutches and saw the maid lying on the bed face down and was struggling away in a trance.

Well, a male practitioner must always take note this – because you are a male and victim is a female, you must always have one or two females beside you so to avoid all kinds of unnecessary stuff because who call you to be so handsome. Stupid Fong Chun Cheong boosting again. No la, the reason is that you need females to be around so they can be your evidence that you did not take any advantage e.g. outrage of modesty. This is always very important.

So I asked the daughter of the family and the other maid (they have 2 maids) to be beside the possessed maid. I held the maid’s hand and then she struggled and shouted. Well, the strength of a possessed victim is always very very strong and I have difficult time in controlling her. It took 3 persons to pin her down and to control her. Imagine ah… I only held her hand (wrist). She can have the strength to just use that hand to throw me away. Somemore I learnt Aikido, Karate and weight liftings but luckily I did not tell the family I learnt all these cos scare I malu (Malu = lose face). Still don’t want to malu, I explained that I just recovered from Mycoplasma virus attack and had my ACL knee surgery so I not that strong.

At this material point in time, PHYSICALLY, people around me would see me one hand holding the maid’s hand and using the other hand to press on her forehead and then down to her eyes.  In the SPIRITUAL world, I (am using Asura force to) strangle the ghost that possessed the maid’s body and put harm on the ghost so as to cause pain to the ghost and command it to leave the body through the eyes and the forehead (in between). With the unbearable pain the ghost feels, it has no choice but to leave the body. The sensation of the ghost leaving the body is the same as described in the story Die, Dying, Dead – The experiences.

When the ghost left the body (i.e. the maid’s), the ghost will look into the eyes of a handsome ghostbuster who is also an Asura and of course at this time, authorities would come and bring away the ghost because this ghostbuster’s vaccum cleaner is to clean the house and not to keep ghosts one and thus this ghostbusters will “call up the authorities to handle the aftermath of ghostbusting”.

Then the maid woke up and like any other victims (who wake up after being possessed) looked into the eyes of this handsome ghostbuster and wandered why got a handsome looking heart break kid in front of her and then asked what happened. Normally, I will be lazy to explain and will leave it to the family to explain to her. I only focus on my job done and also to make sure that my vacuum machine is still working properly.

Story haven’t end here yet. I am now going to debrief what had actually happened to the maid and what kind of ghost entered her body and the reason behind it.

For this case, it was on the second last day of hungry ghost festival (you may refer to my stories no. 85 and 86 regarding hungry ghosts) and the type of ghost that entered this maid’s body was a hungry ghost.

Reason behind for this hungry ghost to enter into the maid’s body:

Because the hungry ghost does not want to return back to his hungry ghost world, this ghost will try to enter into the maid’s body so as to get a express ticket to reincarnation. In other words, if no intervention from ghostbusters, the hungry ghost will take over the maid’s body after a period (e.g. say few days of trance) and it would be deemed that the maid’s body also belongs to the hungry ghost i.e. the hungry ghost has successfully reincarnated into the maid’s body while the original spirit of the maid is still in the body but is in a blur or hypnotized state. And thus, the body will have 2 spirits. At this instance, no ghostbuster is able to get rid of the ghost in the body. In other words, too late. Thus, if this hungry ghost successfully take over the maid’s body, it can no longer need to go back to the hungry ghost’s world as it is considered to be the same as you and me (humans) and it might also be reading my Wah!!! Scary….

And why when a spirit enters or possesses a body, the body must always go into trance? This is because now the body houses 2 spirits at one time and the newcomer must get used to controlling the body. So the nerves system in the body is being irritated and thus the body will dance here and there in a trance and then slowly stable down. This also explains why those “Mediums – Deity up the body” have to go through a trance first before they settle down and then talk to clients.

So this is the reason why in this case, the maid is being possessed by the hungry ghost. Well, the hungry ghost is still unlucky to meet a crippled and yet not that handsome ghostbuster.

Of course, you will ask many questions like how can a ghost enter into a human body, in what circumstances the ghost can enter, can ghost enter into your and my body, etc.

Well, many many many many many areas to talk and share about. Because I am tired after my recent surgery and mycoplasma attack, I always use this delay and pushing tactic such as well, I will discuss them in future stories and please stay tuned and then hor…… never or rarely happened….. hehehehehehehehe……

So please stay tuned for more upcoming stories……

Hope that today you have read and understand something new regarding this possession stuff.

Wasted Venn game over liao, if not, you all will have 2 blogs of stories…. Now left with 1 blog and somemore always delay delay delay….. Sigh…..

Cheer up!!!! I promise to write stories more frequently.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, hoping that Yee Xuan can understand this story and my dear friend, who vowed not to read my ghost story, read this story, signing off……

I am still having breathing difficulty and have not fully recovered from my mycoplasma thingy…. Please wish me speedy recovery! Thanks

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