Why I write stories and Journals

Dear all, today is Journal time instead of story time :)

Once again Journal is based on my own opinion(s) and not like the stories that are written based on yin feng shui theories.

Annie Pecheva inspires today’s journal and hence this journal is dedicated to her too. I also hereby thank her for her encouragement to me in writing more stories and journals.

As such, today’s journal will touch on why am I writing stories and journals and post to my blog.

Well, it was never ever a 0.1% possibility that I would write stories because of one simple reason – I always failed my composition writing in my school days and often on my composition script (when marked and returned by teacher), there will be a red ink stating these two words: “SEE ME” Then I would go to my teacher there and faced many many many music from her.

What made it worse was one fine day teacher asked us to write on a topic “About the person you respect the most”. I was then 13 years old and was in secondary 2. Of course, I wrote about my master and how he taught me all these yin stuff and spiritual stuff, etc. and furthermore I was studying in a Methodist School. This time, the same red word “SEE ME” became extremely extraordinary BIGGER and I faced many many many LOUDER music. And my teacher was more yin than myself. She called up my mother and complained and I suffered double punishment.

Hence and thus, I suffered a trauma and underwent what is known as MAJOR Post Trauma Stress Disorder. Whenever, I was tasked to write story or composition in school, my hands would shiver and cold sweat kept rolling down to my chest. And if topics like “haunted house”, ”Spiritual encounter”, etc. come up, I would freak out and vomit white foam and my eyeballs would roll up like I being possessed by ghost.


Below this reason – I had always repeated and for the benefit for those who just tuned in and read this story, I will write again.

8 years ago, I met another Yin practitioner. Her name was Venn. I was then 24 years old and she 21. One fine day while having dinner, she suggested that we should keep a diary and write about our practice and theories and cases we handled. At that precious material point in time when she said that, I spilt out the food (that I was munching) onto her face and suddenly possessed by a ghost – like what I described in the previous paragraph.

No la. No food was spilt out and no one’s face got dirty.

Well, I was very young then and not that I am old now, my ego overruled me and instead of telling her about my Post Trauma Stress Disorder, I merely brushed her aside by giving a plain excuse – “Aiyoh! We still so young. Write what? Next time la! When we get older la….”

So everytime she suggested this writing of diary, I would use my “youth” as an excuse.

Then 6 years ago, both of us had our respective separate road traffic accident. I was paralysed waist down and she game over. Of course, I was very ______________ (you may fill in the blank using any word that represents negative feeling). After all the do re mi fa so ra di do that I went through, I came back to my senses and wanted to let Venn live on by doing what she always wanted to do – keep a diary on our practice.

Well, it took me some time to swallow back the white foam I vomit and to practice my eyeballs to be back in position and not to roll upwards. Of course, I pasted talisman all around me to avoid being possessed.

Ok… time to be serious liao… hehehe

Venn’s rationales (In italic):

In the market, there are few books or articles talking about Yin Feng Shui. Even if there are, majority of them are written by Yang practitioners in their Yang feng shui terms. As such, these are misleading and this leads to people thinking they can use yang theories to perform yin feng shui.  

Let me elaborate on her rationale. In my stories, I explained that in order to practice Yin practice, one has to first master all areas of Yang feng shui and then when go to Yin feng shui, he must throw away all knowledge of the Yang feng shui and move on to Yin Feng Shui and then both Yin and Yang Feng Shui. Let me explain this further.

Yang is opposite of Yin and vice versa. Yin is normally associated with water whereas Yang is not so much associated with water.

You may want to refer Bruce Lee’s “Be Like Water” about formless, shapeless, empty your mind, etc……. Water can flow or it can crash.

Let me link Feng Shui to Martial Arts, if we talk about Yang Feng Shui, it is like the traditional martial arts like karate, aikido, etc. – they follow forms and fixed patterns or stances, etc.; whereas if we talk about Yin Feng Shui, its like Bruce Lee theory – there is no form or shape or pattern.

Thus in Yang Feng Shui, we have many forms, theories like Bazi, Purple Star, Qi Meng Dun Jia, etc. like traditional martial arts – katas, the sequences for blocks, punches, kicks, etc. And in Yang Feng Shui, practitioner has to follow one method to perform their readings, feng shui, analysis, etc. You see… all lives are unique in its nature. Can just one method able to analyze these millions of uniqueness in lives?

And in Yin Feng Shui, there is no form, no method, nothing. There is no standard Yin method or formulas to do one’s reading, feng shui, analysis, etc. So when a practitioner starts to describe Yin practice by putting in Yang Feng Shui terms or words or whatsoever, you can just laugh it off.

You can argue that if we don’t use feng shui terms on yin feng shui, then yin feng shui is not feng shui. Well, one way to understand what is Yin Feng Shui, one has to free one’s mind. In other words, if the brain is full of Yang stuff, how can one understand and feel Yin feng shui.

Once again, because Yin Feng Shui is shapeless, formless, methodless, etc., Yin Feng Shui cannot be taught in class. One needs to Feel, Contact, Connect and Control (“FCCC”) energy and then he understands energy and can use it as a flow (to do feng shui as what clients want) or to crash (to do sabotage). Remember “FCCC” and this can also equates to Fong Chun Cheong’s Confusion…. Wakakakakakakaakakka!!!!!!! Hello! Be serious la!! Okay!!! Serious-ing….

Without system and Without method, how can one teach Yin Feng Shui in class?

Venn’s rationale:

Yes, it is impossible to write everything about Yin Feng Shui. So we write as much theories and cases as we can so that others can do research on our articles or even on us and further understand and to improve for the betterment of themselves.

My understanding in her rationale is that we are not writing here to leave a legacy for ourselves or promote ourselves. We just want to pass down our practice and if possible, the essence of Yin practice and theories to the next generation. Yes, Yin practice is shapeless, formless, methodless, etc. and both of us jokers are not perfect either. So we pen down all our understandings down so that next generation or even other practitioners of the same generation or even yourself (if you are a Yin practitioner) can read on our cases and analyse it and do your own critics and further improve your skills and understanding. This is also how Yin practitioners learn – FCCC (not the confusion one ah). And we must give so as to contribute to the betterment of the Feng Shui practice.

And I am no expert as I am still learning. Feng Shui is a lifelong learning. There is no end to learning. Yin practitioners always have a word for Yang practitioners – Do not be overly attached to any method(s). Free your mind. Overly attached to any method only provide you with the title “Master” and there is the end if you think you are the ultimate and then attach tightly to your method and claims your method is the best and criticize other methods.

Feng Shui isn’t like this. It’s harmony and giving and not used for commercial gains. If you really want to pass down your knowledge or method(s), please do so by giving and sharing… not advertising, selling, etc.

As such, I interpret Venn’s rationale above is also to curb con man. Hence, stories are here to let non practitioners have an overview of the practice and not to be con / bluffed by con man out there.

There are many more rationales behind the reason for me to write stories and now journals – I only wrote the 2 main points and if I write the rest, I no need to sleep already. I will not hold back any information. Whatever I know, about to know, and do not know, I will just write as many as possible.

Why the support ccfong.com below? (in addition to the story “Superstition of a Story Teller”)

Well, I am learning to pick myself up from my fall and disabilities six years ago and have to undergo all kinds of treatment(s), sport(s), training(s), etc. And I am writing this to let Venn’s wish to live on and thus “support ccfong.com” is as if Venn is there to encourage and support me too..

If you visit Singapore company registration website (Bizfile) and search for ccfong.com, you will find out that ccfong.com is f.k.a. (formally known as) Venn’s Love.

And thanks for your support to ccfong.com too!!!!

And thank you Annie Pecheva for your kind words of encouragement and this journal is dedicated to you :) As my introduction already written and cannot be changed, so ending part must also write this. :) Thank you very much!!!!

Maybe the next Journal I will write is “The Fall of ccfong” and how I struggle and learn to get up again. Considering………

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, rejecting the painkiller medications and doing leg strengthening exercises, signing off….

*******************sign off***********************

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