Why Hospital have many ghosts?

Dear all, I had just been discharged from hospital and since I just discharged from hospital, I would like to write why there are many ghosts in hospital.

This story is written for someone who is currently working night shift and sweared that she never read this story and thus she won’t know that I wrote this paragraph and if she scolds me, then I would know that she breaks her promise like how I broke my ACL ligament in the left knee. Hehehehe. What a rubbish!

Gone are those stuff that you hear stories that there are many ghosts hidden in the toilet sewage pipes ah. For the benefit for those who did not hear about such story.. Here it goes – Inside the Sewage pipes are dark and yin and as such, ghosts like to be in there… Same as my previous paragraph – RUBBISH!

After a two paragraphs of rubbishes, here comes the not so rubbish story….

Let me first explain to you how it feels like a ghost and what a ghost really is.

Its just like you and me – the feeling, sensation, thinking, feeling, 5 to 6 senses, etc. are all the same – only difference is that ghost does not have the body like we do and also ghosts look paler than us. So in this story, just imagine we are like ghost or maybe to make things simpler, you think of me as a ghost.

Thus, let ccfong = ghost

Luckily, I discharged from hospital and write ths story. Hehehe

I had been in and out of hospital many times. Let me explain to you our psychology. First of all, we are living in a 4 walled container which we call home / house – some landed some air spaced. Just imagine that your 4 walls are gone, you are actually living in the wild or floating in the middle of the air. Thus, as long as we are lying on bed in 4 walled – container or room, we are psychologically safe and can rest.

Furthermore, we also can adapt to surroundings very fast and once adapted and when come back to square one we have to learn to adapt again. Let me illustrate again – Lets say I just went to Taiwan for 10 days. During the first 2 days, I felt uneasy as that place / country is new to me. Then after 2 days, I tend to adapt to the living style, culture, etc. and thus being used to the environment there and wishes that I can stay there for good. And after the 10 days when I returned back to my home country, I need another couple of days to get used to (adapt back) my home and environment.

Hence, with these 2 psychological and adaptation factors, if a person is sicked, injured, etc. and gets to the hospital for treatment(s), he will get used to the place be it the ward, room, etc. Then that person passes on. From a living person to maybe a ghost (depending on his karma), the ghost will feel insecure. As the ghost before death lasted lying on the bed and thus he is adapted to the ward and feels secured there and hence he shall wander around there in the hospital with close proximity of radius around his bed / room / ward. Because of the security feeling and a place to rest, this ghost will reside there and be a permanent resident there.

Now let me bring you all back to us being humans staying in our 4 walled container which we call home and marked the area “our territory”. Let’s say one fine day, a stranger came into your home and sleeps on your bed beside you. How would you react?

This same reaction of yours shall explain why these ghosts haunt the bed / room / ward. In other words, you have stepped into their “territory” / comfort zone. It’s just the same like us.

Real life example. One day I was warded in the hospital – I remembered it was room 20 – but why I was there I could not recall. It might be due to my severe back pain, blasting of kidney stones or some bone surgery (Well, these are the main reasons why I in out hospital. I recalled sleeping in the midnight and suddenly woke up and a old lady sat on the edge of the bed (at my left side) starring at me. To her surprise, I scolded her and told her not to go beyond my boundary or else….. Of course, given my character, I made a fuss the following day. Well, a old lady passed away in the same room recently.

So far, I just explained on the area of those ghosts who lived there when they were alive. Now I am going to touch on those ghosts who had never been there before and why they are now there.

Let’s assume you and I are ghosts. Because humans can’t see us, we have a good advantage. We still want security, territory, place to rest, etc. Thus places like hotels, furniture malls, hospitals, your home, etc. are good targets for us. And for me who always in and out of hospital and feels comfortable and secured with nurses around, I would target hospital but of course their royal suite la.

And if any patients come in and stay with me? Remember ghosts are Yin in nature and humans are Yang in nature. Thus, they will feel uncomfortable with each other cohabit in the same territory. Thus, if it is me who is the ghost and patent comes in, hehehehehehehe! I will scare the h*ll out of the patient. Wakakkakakakakakakaka!!!! No la, I very friendly one la. I will just wanna make friend with the patient only la. Hehehehehehehehehe….

Well, that explains why Hospitals and other places (especially there are rest points e.g. beds) will have many ghosts come and “haunt” the place.

This story is written in a friendly and jovial manner.

In reality, it can be very scary one!!!!!!!!!! Ghost haunting is not a joke.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, still holding his leg in terrible pain, signing off… Btw, ccfong now = human

********************sign off***********************

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