Nurses – My Hero

Today my very first journal is on Nurses.

First of all, today’s topic in my Journal is inspired by Staff Nurse Allison Wong and I decided to write a journal about Nurses.

Unlike those that I had written under Stories section, Journals are based on my experience and also my opinions and feelings in specific areas and these opinions of mine are not supported by any theories of Yin Feng Shui practice. As such, you may just read it as a bedtime story or just for leisure.

Today’s journal – I shall relate Nurses as similar and as close as possible in comparison to Yin practitioners and how they had helped me and became my hero – true heroes.

Nurses – from strangers turned to my Heroes

They are also Yin in their (Job) nature.

Why is this so? Doctors and Surgeons are more towards to Yang and usually they are the frontline instead of nurses. You see.. When I injured myself or have any illness, I would go and consult a doctor first. Thus the doctor / surgeon will have a plan for me to undergo e.g. a surgery to reconstruct, repair, remove, etc.

And doctors will do the surgery and prescriptions of medications and after which, I am left all alone to heal and recuperate by myself. This is the time when nurses came in as a good support and foundation for my recuperation.

Let me illustrate my own real life experience. Recently on 8th July 2014, I underwent an ACL reconstruction surgery for my knee. When I was pushed into the operating theatre, I saw surgeons and nurses. Then I was “put to sleep” by an anesthetic doctor – GA.  When I woke up, the surgery was all over and I was lying on the bed in the recovery room. Feeling scared, then a nurse approached me. I was frightened then and unknowingly asked if she can hold my hand. The nurse, who then was just a stranger, held my hand tight and comforted me that everything went on well and it’s all alright.

Her name was Janice Bey and that was the very first beginning of my recuperation. When leaving the recovery room, she explained to me that she couldn’t follow me to the ward as she belonged to the operating theatre and assured me that I would be taken care of in the ward. And I was transferred back to Ward 3A to be taken care by the nurses there.

At this point of junction, let me relate Doctors and Nurses to Yin and Yang Feng Shui.

As we have known from my hundred of stories in my Stories section, Yin is more towards to quiet and silent type while the Yang is otherwise. Let’s say for a person to have good feng shui. The foundation (Burial Feng Shui) must be good and thus when the person does up the Yang Feng Shui (e.g. positioning of the house, office, etc.), the energy that flows in this premise is good due to the good foundation.

Likewise, surgeon can only repair and “position” your body to a proper state where the body can recover over time. Surgeons are like Yang Feng Shui, position the premise to a way where prosperous energy can flow in.

And then here comes the most important key players – The Nurses. When the body is properly “positioned” by the surgeons, the quality, speed and intensity of recovery shall depend on the body itself. Imagine if the owner of the body is angry, anxious, fearful, etc., the body will have “obstacles” in recuperating. Hence, the nurses are there to curb these “obstacles”. Yes, after surgery (positioning of the body), the body has some limitations and disabilities in a form or another and cannot function in its normal capacity. Here, Nurses would intervene in a way or another to assist the body such that it can work as if it is in its normal capacity and also to ensure that the body is in a good manner (psychologically and form) to enhance recovery.

Hence, this description is like Yin Feng Shui – to have a good foundation of energy so that after the Yang Feng Shui, the premise is in a good state to receive good energy (cultivated by Yin Feng Shui) and prosperous. In other words, surgeons position the body and Nurses ensure that the energy is proper for the body to recover.

Commercially, you heard of Good and Famous Doctors in practice but have you heard of Good and Famous Nurses in practice? Just like in Feng Shui world, you heard of Good and Famous Yang Masters but not so much for the Yin Practitioners (unless they go against the ethics and want to be famous). Thus, Nurses (likewise for Yin practitioners) are “hidden” and they are the utmost IMPORTANCE in practice to ensure proper healthcare is given to the patient.

When we are young children, we normally draw pictures of doctor and nurses. For doctors, we would draw a man with a stethoscope while for nurses, a female with a white blouse and with a nurse hat (with a “t” on it). Thus, inherently or by nature, we already classified nurses to be Yin in nature. Of course, guys can be nurses too just like Fong Chun Cheong also practices Yin Feng Shui (in history – Yin Feng Shui practitioner is associated to females from the North).

It requires a lot of passion and sacrifice to become a nurse. In their profession, they do not only give book knowledge but a piece of their heart to each and individual patient like myself. Furthermore, they have to attend to many emergency cases, trauma, etc., they have to be remain calm at all times and think clearly at the material point in time of emergency.

Every individual has his / her own emotions. Normally, when I happy, I come see and talk to you and when not happy, I just don’t care (Very singlish… hehehe). Not for nurses – They made sure that they keep control of their own emotions and put patients as their priority.

Well, I admit that I choose my clients. In other words, I think this clients good, I attend to them and if I don’t think they good, I just ignored. Well, nurses have a caring nature and they are non-judgmental and has a strong ability to emphasize  with patients from all walks of life.

Nurses are also very responsible in their profession and deal with utmost accuracy and they have to keep track any minor changes of patients’ health and behavior, etc.

Another life example of myself – Six years ago, I was paralyzed in a road traffic accident and suffered from Post Trauma Stress Disorder. At night, I usually gets nightmares and freaked out, cried and shouted. The nurses then came in and sat beside me comforted me and spent some personal time with me (given their tight schedules) and ensure that I was alright. In the ward, there are many patients and they are able to understand every one of them and their medical conditions. They are not robots but have already go beyond what a reasonable man can do.

You see… This ccfong keeps on training to spar here and there and wants to be a ultimate unbeatable fighter. Well, nothing compares to Nurses – They are really unbeatable. They have to be alert at all times because emergency can happen anything with no prior warning. They also have to be alert at all times and never say tied. As such, they are unbeatable! Take me for an example – If I perform one night of Yin Feng Shui services, I would need to sleep 4 days 3 nights to stay alert again.

I am confident to say that if you are treated by the world’s best doctor and yet taken care by some lousy nurses. Your medical condition will get worse instead of improving.

There are many more things to talk about nurses and I would not finish writing.

In terms of Feng Shui, nurses must be all rounded and thus must have the abilities of all the 5 elements consisting of:

Metal  – They need to have good communication skills.

Wood  – They need to give education and proper health care advice to patients

Water – They need to be flexible and adapt to changes (e.g. patient’s heatlh)

Fire     – They need to be responsible and make quick decision in event of emergency.

Earth  – They need to be down to earth and follow instructions and medical standards.

It is not easy to handle all 5 elements at any one time and yet, Nurses are able to handle them and never get tired.

With these, they are True Heroes.

If not for them, I would not have lived on and got well 6 years ago. They are simply the best!

Once again, Staff Nurse Allison Wong inspires me to write this story and the inspiration came to me on one midnight when she came into my room 4319 and assisted me and attended to my requests with a smile. Well Done!

And this story / journal is dedicated to Staff Nurse Allison Wong and all other Nurses in this planet and also especially to those nurses whom had taken care of me since the day I was being injured some 6 years ago.

You all are simply my HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, getting ready to be discharged the next day, signing off…

***********************Sign off**************************



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