My Longest Excuse

Hi all! Apologies for the late delay of updates of stories since I last updated my story when I was in Taiwan.

This was because of excuses again.. And this time, the excuse was as follows:

Weeks before going to Taiwan, I had already pre arranged a surgery on my left knee to reconstruct my ACL – Anterior Cruciate Ligament. What happened was unknowingly my ACL in the left knee had just torn completely. I was training my right leg (that was my weaker leg) and was able to control my right leg and tried to walk with my legs and without the crutches – in my karate Dojo.

I was very fearful of putting my weight and focus on my right leg wile walking without assistance – afraid that the right leg will just give way and I would then become a “humpty dumpty”. With my characteristics and stubbornness, I insisted to put weight on my right leg and walked. It all went on well. Then suddenly, my left leg gave way and I fell. This was very unusual as my left leg was the stronger one and had been very strong for the last 6 years.

Then I ignored it thinking that it might be my left leg was then tired. However, for the next few days / weeks, even though I was walking with assistance, I fell and the cause of those falls was due to my stronger left leg.

With this unusual happening to my left leg, I went to seek Master Fong my surgeon for advice. At first, he thought it was my hamstring and thigh muscle of my left leg that was weak and he told me to strengthen the leg with more exercise and physiotherapies. After some exercises, the situation remained unchanged and I still continue to fall down. Luckily, as my legs have not much feelings (due to the accident some 6 years ago), I felt a slight strange “feeling” on my left knee and I immediately highlighted to the surgeon. An MRI was ordered to scan on my left knee. ACL Complete Tear was diagnosed and a surgery – ACL reconstruction was recommended and put forward.

However, there is this unknown risk – Because of my disability (6 years ago), any interference or surgical intervention to my leg(s) would cause my muscles of the leg(s) to collapse and the Biggest Risk is that I might be unable to retrain those muscles and I would be back to square one.

However again, if no surgical intervention, I might also lose the function of my left leg as it kept buckling and collapsing now and then; And this is very dangerous for me especially whenever I cross the road.

To eliminate this risk, surgeon explained to me that the convention way of this ACL reconstruction was to Harvest a ligament from my thigh / hamstring and then uses the ligament to reconstruct the ACL in the knee. This would cause my leg’s muscle to collapse and it takes a normal fit person 6 months to retrain its muscles whereas for me, the muscle might never come back. Thus, it was proposed that I get an Allograph (other people’s ligament from the tissue bank) instead of harvesting my own ligament. With this manner, it would eliminate (not all) the risk of muscle collapsing.

Back to my excuse for not updating stories:

After I came back from Taiwan, it left less than a couple of weeks before I go for my surgery. And I am packed with appointments and stuffs to finish and also many sparring sessions with different partners from different martial arts background.

So, I intended to complete all my stuff and attend to as many clients as possible before I go for the surgery and be bed-bounded. And then during my bed bounded period, I can write many many stories since I will be so free and I have my laptop beside me.

“People calculate; why not let the Heaven calculate” (人算不如天算), I underwent the surgery last Tuesday. The surgeon drilled two holes one on the upper knee and the other on the upper knee for the surgeon to insert two screws and have the ligament secured onto it. Yes, the surgery was a success and lasted for about 4 to 5 hours. However, it was extremely painful and I didn’t expect it to be that painful and had gone way beyond my pain threshold.

I was on oral and injections of painkillers and I was sleeping all the way since last Tuesday till now. I was all wrong that I could have all the time in the hospital to write stories… Hehehehe.


As at present, I am currently ok with the pain controlled at my bearable threshold.

My left leg that was used to be stronger had now became weaker and my right leg that was weaker now tend to be stronger and of course I must retrain my left leg so that it is not so weak and can be stronger and of course not to be weaker than my right leg and it is also important that I should also focus continue to train my right leg  so that it is not weak and to also try to make it such that the left leg gotta train harder to be stronger than the right leg and in other words, the right leg will make itself stronger so that the left leg needs to put in more effort to be stronger than the right leg and it just goes on and on….

Well, there’s my life. Complicated and Fun too!!!! Wakakakakakakakakaka!!!! I many likes.

Please stay tuned for more serious stories. I should be fit to write stories from now I hope.

Please do note that there will be another section in which I will address it as JOURNAL – This section will focus on what I am doing currently, what I think of certain concept, theories, etc. In other words, Journal section will be dealt on current issues and things that I and maybe yourself is going through. Whereby Stories section is on my past events and the theories I learnt and understood based on Yin Feng Shui Theories.

Hence, I can write on present and past stuffs. Sometimes, Journal section may touch on my personal stuff and if it doesn’t interest you, just ignore and once again, throw it into Fiction corner and treat it as Fairy Tales….

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, asking for the painkiller injection, signing off.

****************************Sign off******************************



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