Why I practice sparring in Martial Arts Training

Hi all! Apologies for the late stories again as (my excuse again) I was rather busy with my tight schedules before leaving for Taiwan for a 10 days trip see see look look. Today is my 3rd day in Taiwan and I find time now to write stories.

And today I will not be writing anything about dead or Yin stuff cos in holiday mood… hehehehehe!!!

Well, today I have to answer a lot of queries on this question:

“Why do you still spar in your Martial Arts Training given your medical condition?”


Yes, I have just recovered my strength of my legs through practice of Martial Arts namely Aikido and Karate. Although I do have strength, I am still weak and cannot be comparable to a normal person and specialists told me that it is impossible to recover back to normal as there is already serious nerve damage on my back.

And I had been practicing Aikido and Karate for 6 months and now I ya ya papaya go and spar with other experienced Martial Artist(s). You may watch my sparring sessions in Facebook. Not so nice cos I am only a beginner.

So what is the rationale behind all these sparring sessions?

Martial Arts is an Art and in my personal context, it keeps me fit and going and learn to walk again. Furthermore, Martial Arts can either make me “dance” nicer or make me become a fighter. I choose the second option – A Fighter. My rationale below will be linked to Yin feng shui practice theory too.

Why Martial Arts can make a person become a beautiful dancer and / or a fighter?

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Well, Martial Arts as it’s name suggests – It’s an Art. It’s like kind of Calligraphy – If you practice writing stokes for thousands times, you can write a very beautiful calligraphy. Likewise for Martial Arts, if you practice kicks and punches many times, you can perform these kicks and punches beautifully and use them in your katas and you have a very beautiful Martial Arts play. But in this instance, you only dance well and it does not mean you can fight well and may not be useful in self defence.

Hence, if you want to learn Martial Arts for self defence, sparring is an important element in training. First of all, it gives you a reality check and let you feel what it is like to get punched and kicked and how to counter them and react in a “stressed up” environment. Well, imagine if someone trains Martial Arts all the way to black belt and have no sparring sessions, he may be killed in a real fight as he will be facing experienced street fighter(s). A Martial Artist with no sparring experiences will be what I termed it as “A Mental Fighter”. In other words, he mentally thinks he can fight but in reality, he may be killed in a real fight (Well, simply cannot make it).

Punching a sandbag is VERY DIFFERENT from punching someone who you are fighting with. The sandbag will not fight back and it is quite a steady target whereas that someone will punch you back and he is a moving target and it is much more difficult to strike him than to strike a punching bag.

Another good training in sparring is the practice of emotions and calmness. A distinction must be made between sparring and fighting. Sparring is a practice session where there are minimum injuries and both parties are practicing some real life stimulation (of a real fight) and both parties hope to achieve experiences and most importantly both parties have fun. It’s not a fight where one party want to demolish the other. In other words, if in the first round one party strike a strong blow and knocks out the other, no one wins and both parties will lose more as the party, who knocks out the other party, loses an opportunity to train in a real life stimulation and the other party, who got knocked out, needs time to recover from injury.

During a sparring session, it is very common for ego, emotions and anger to arise in the sparring parties. In my experience of just a couple of sparring sessions, my opponent in the sparring session got freak out and went charging towards me and it became a street fight, well instead of 2 Martial Artists sparring, it became 2 polar bears hugging each other and trying to push one another. Of course for pushing, I am in a disadvantage as I am very unable and will fall. Luckily my Sensei, who is very experienced, halted the sparring and separate us.

It may be because I had punched on his face (we have protection helmet so no one gets hurt) and kicked on his ribs (Well again, protective gears are on), my sparring partner got freaked out and his ego emotions took control of him and he wanted every piece of me. Of course, this gave me a real, SUPER real stimulation of self defensing myself if anyone comes to attack me. Well, I need more trainings – that’s what I have to say.

Always spar with protective guards and with an experienced instructor to be the referee. Spar without them at your own risk.

Hence, for sparring, it is a good training for us to remain calm at all times under stress and not to let our emotions and ego over power us.

Furthermore, I declined to be graded in both Martial Arts (Aikido and Karate). In other words, I will remain a white belt (beginner) for the rest of my Martial Arts journey till the day I pass on and someone does a Yin Fengshui on me. Martial Arts is an lifelong learning journey and there is no end to it. Given my ya ya papaya character, once I reached Black Belt, my nose will become very high up and uses my nose holes to look at people. In other words, I will feel proud and ego sets in thinking that I am a very powerful Martial Artist and unbeatable and also I know everything. That will be my failure. Hence, I decline all grading as I do not see a need to it and do not require a body or an association to state what level I am or have achieved. This, I consider personally, regards it as my ego benchmarking. I do not need that (ego). Anyone is welcome to mock at my white belt status – I do not care ;P

I have my own sparring gears and anyone is welcome to spar with me – be it you have martial arts background or not.

My Aikido Sensei pointed to me that every sparring partner is an instructor to myself cos they each have unique things to teach me during sparring sessions.

My Karate Sensei told me that my opponent is not my sparring partners. My worst opponent is Myself. So train hard to be a fighter so I can overcome my fear, weakness, disability, etc.

Experience is the crucial element in Martial Arts training and of course it needs 2 elements to it. Experience consists of the usual trainings that Martial Arts teaches and sparring sessions.

So no need to worry and query why I spar in my training. I won’t get injured as I have excellent and reliable Senseis as referee and guidance.

Now comes back to Feng Shui practice.

Likewise in Martial Arts, once ego sets in, failures come immediately.

Thus, my mindset in feng shui practices is that I always address myself as Feng Shui practitioner or maybe just an ordinary person and always friend friend with clients, friends etc. This is so that ego don’t set in; I won’t become ya ya papaya; I can give more personal touch (Don’t complain molest ah); I write stories in ccfong.com, etc.

Feng Shui and Martial Arts are similar – They are a lifelong study and there is no end to it.

With similarity to Martial Arts, learning theories in Feng Shui is important and also learning different theories from different practitioners (Masters) may also be good but please do not complicate yourself by comparing this method is better than this ah, etc. It’s just like learning both Aikido and Karate and then compare Karate should be better than Aikido ah, Aikido better ah, or both not as good as Thai boxing and then go and learn Thai boxing. For what? Every Martial Arts or Feng Shui methods have their own essence and goodness.

What matters most is that these methods can be useful to yourself and you can use them practically. In other words, in Martial Arts, during a real fight and you are self defencing yourself or loved ones, you just use any method or also no method of Martial Arts to defend as long as they can be used practicably in the real fight. Likewise in Feng Shui, if you are doing a very complicated case or fengshui, use any methods that is / are useful and practical for the situation.

This story is dedicated to both my Aikido and Karate Sensei in appreciation of their guidance in my route to recovery. They have been very patient with me. Truly appreciate! 感恩

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Please stay tuned for more stories and those Yin Yin stories will resume after I come back Singapore :)

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing for tomorrow 4th Day Taiwan tour, saying goodnight and sign off.

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