A Sad Case – Mother and daughter

Hi all! Apologies for the late delay again for stories as I was in pain these few days and had arranged a surgery scheduled next month and hope I can recover.

Today’s story will touch on a sad case that I handled a couple of weeks ago.

It relates to a Mother who had lost her daughter due to a sickness. Her daughter then was maybe around 6 years old.

What lead her to approach me for assistance?

Earlier this year, the Mother and her family were having some disharmony in the house. For example, her son was sick for weeks and it was quite serious and a family member had lost his job and they were feeling quite tensed up, etc.

Don’t know how she got my contact, she called me and asked me if I can come to her house for an assessment. The busybody me did so.

Likewise, I took a stroll around the house and look at every corner and saw a little girl (spirit) standing in the bomb shelter. She looked sad but her eyes were burning with anger.

Normally, if a Yin practitioner sees this kind of little girl, the Yin practitioner at the very first instance will presume that this family is playing with black bagic – Baby Spirits / Spiritual Kids. You may refer back to the story if you forget what are baby spirits / spiritual kids.

However, this looked to me quite unique as compared to other cases where family plays with baby spirits. In normal case, these baby spirits would help the family to “boost up their luck” in various means that will be dealt with in future stories (if I can remember to write about this). In this case, this little girl was “destroying” the family.

What I did was I threat this little girl and demanded her to follow me while I talked with the mother. My intention at this material point of time is to punish her if she is not related to the family and just came in to disturb the family. Well, I won’t punish one la… I will guide her to a better path even though she is not related to the family.

As usual, with the little girl beside me, I asked the mother if she know of a little girl with my description on the little girl who was beside me. Then tears began to flow down from the mother’s eyes. She took out her phone and showed me a photo.

That little girl who was standing beside me was actually her daughter who she lost after a fight with cancer. When seeing the mother cry, this little girl also cried and shouted to her mother. Of course, the mother couldn’t see and notice her daughter shouting and crying for her.

Here’s what actually happened over the years:

This girl had passed on at a very young age at 6. She had undergone the normal procedure of dying process as being spelt out in the story die, dying, dead. However, at age 6, how would one expect her to know what is dead, spirit, human, etc. Yes, she is a spirit but however the feeling of her towards other humans, things, etc. is still the same. In other words, she feels exactly the same sensation like you and me only difference is that she has no human body.

Without the understanding that she is already dead and her mother is unable to see her, she was lost and couldn’t understand why the mother did not bother her. As time went by, she had this feeling of being abandoned by the mother. In her eyes, the mother was focusing all attention on her brother and no longer spend any attention on her. Well, she was only 6 and cannot apprehend what is life and death.

Then she became an Angry Ghost.

She began her sabotage rampage.

I explained to the little girl about death and it was not the mother who doesn’t care of her. I told her to shout loudly in the mother’s ear and explained why the mother cannot hear her.

As at this point, I was in the middle with the little girl crying on my left while the mother cried on my right.

I explained to the mother about her daughter and that she cannot comprehend her current situation and thus became an angry ghost. The mother understood and upon seeing the mother understanding, the little girl also understand her condition.

The arrangement that was made was that the little girl to be guided to a “temple” (from the other world) to get herself “educated” and can come back to see her mother as and when she wants to be with her mother.

Let’s hope for the best for the little girl!!!

This case suggested to me that little children do not comprehend what is life and death and they think that they are the same as us. Well, baby spirits / spiritual kids are the same too – thinking that they are like children who are alive and thus subjected themselves under the black magician. If these baby spirits comprehend this reality, they can combine and I would opinion that black magician would not be able to control them.

Please stay tuned for more stories :)

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, resting his painful leg on the bed, signing off.

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