Die, Dying, Dead – The experiences

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Today’s story will be touching on how is the experience of die, dying and dead that one will go through during his final moment.

No one has experienced death and came back alive to tell us the experience of dying.

Thus, as Yin practitioners, we have theories on how it is and furthermore because we deal with dead people, their spirits, etc., we have the upper hand of these knowledge and of course description on the experiences from the deceased because we Yin practitioners are at times busy bodies and will ask the deceased how it was like.

Hence, this story will be based on Yin theories and the similarity and consistency of those descriptions of experiences during the dying process and how it is like.

The story will discuss on:

-       How it is like during the process when the body is dying?

-       And when the body is dead, how does it feel like?

-       What happens next after the body is dead?

-       What if the spirit of the dead still clings on to the body?

-       And if still clinging on, whether cremation or burial services would be recommended and the difference between these two and how it will affect the spirit who is still clinging on to the body.

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