Seven Seven Forty Nine Days

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Today’s story will touch on the Chinese belief on what happens (first seven and the final seven seven forty nine days) after a person passes on. I am still thinking whether to write about what happens after a person passes on. However, I need to check with my Yin guidlelines on how much I can disclose on this topic.

So today, I will touch on Chinese Belief after a person passes on.

Of course, I always do this – using Yin feng shui theories to blend in with the belief.

Again, fictional as you deem fit.

For my non-Chinese readers, there are these Chinese Belief or prayers for the deceased, particularly on the first seven days (头七), forty nine days (四十九天) and the hundred days (一百天) after the person goodbye from earth. And I am going to explain it in this story.

The first seven days (回魂夜) after a person passes on..

It is believed that the spirit of the deceased will have the GRANT to visit back the place of its residency when he / she was alive. This is provided that the spirit is still around during the 49 days. In other days, the spirit had not reincarnated into either human or animal realms.

Like in the story of Hungry Ghost, because majority of Chinese has the common belief that the first seven days after the person passes on, then the mind power of us Chinese would then create this Grant for the spirit to come – be it come back to the house alone (in spirit) or with guards around him. Thus, some Chinese do complain that they heard sounds of chaining during the first seven days.

The practice of the first seven days is to offer food on the table over the night for the deceased. There were myths flying around saying that if you put some white powder on the floor during the night of prayers and the next day you will see footsteps of the deceased. Well, up to individuals to believe that but I personally tried it and there were footprints. No harm trying it.

Next we goes to the seven seven forty night days.

For the majority of Chinese, they prayed the seven seven forty nine days with again majority among of them not understanding what it represents. Because it is being passed down so have to follow the “rules” and then pray without knowing the meaning. Some of them told me that at the 49th day represent that they had already reincarnated into something else.

Hmmm…. Wrong number la. ;P – <This is Singlish…>

I will discuss this 49 days using Yin feng shui theories and understanding and it might also relates to Buddhism. However, no religion related topics are being discussed here.

In Yin theory, when a person passes on, reincarnation takes place immediately from the next second of his death till the maximum 49 days. In other words, let’s say if this person, ABC, passes on, this spirit of ABC may be immediately reincarnated into another beings or form or this spirit will be in the holding ground for the maximum of 49 days before spirit ABC is reincarnated. In simpler and more concrete words, the spirit ABC will be reincarnated within the 49 days.

The places where ABC will be reincarnated to will depend on his karma (the past merits or demerits he done during his lifetime. The places where ABC can reincarnate to are classified into heaven (Heavenly beings or Asura), Earth (Human, Animals or Wandering Spirits) and Hell (Hell beings) – either one of these 6 realms.

So Chinese pray the seven seven forty nine days would represent respect or “celebrate” a new life for the deceased and wish for the deceased a good path in his / her new life. This is what Yin theory says.

Then how about the 100 days?

For Chinese, we believe that once a person passes on, his family is in a mourning period. While the family is in the mourning period, they normally will refrain themselves from the happy occasions like friends’ weddings, baby shower, etc. due to happy occasions and mourning crashes one another and causes bad omen.

Thus, for majority of Chinese, we believe that the mourning period will last for 100 days and after which, they can go for those “happy” events. Some Chinese dialect(s) observe 3 years of mourning period.

However, this is an important note. The family of the deceased have to skip a year of Chinese New Year celebration meaning to say they cannot celebrate the next coming Chinese New Year. Celebration of Chinese New Year means to celebrate the old year that had gone by smoothly and wish for a happy new year and because for the old year, there is a mourning period so we can’t celebrate that the old year had gone by smoothly and happily. If not, crashes again..

Still thinking whether to write stories on how one feels when dying and where they go…

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