Why Children is “sensitive”?

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Today I will be talking about why young children have third eye as in they can see spirits or remember what they did, who they were, etc. in their past lives / life?

Well again, fiction or not – up to you ;) And also again, this story is written purely on my knowledge of Yin feng shui.

Here it goes…..

When a child is born and all the way up to maybe three to four years old, some of them can recall their past life and some can see ghosts or spirits.

Why is this so?

Remembering of past life

Well, all our past lives data are being stored in our subconscious mind. And for one to recall his past lives, one has to “move” his conscious mind to the back of his subconscious mind to retrieve the data. Let’s say for example if I ask you what had you eat for dinner yesterday, you will bring your conscious mind to your front of subconscious mind and see images of yesterday and recall. So the more recent memories would be shelved in the front of the subconscious mind while those many many long ago will be then kept more behind like inside a storeroom. Let’s imagine, if I ask you what you had for dinner some 100 years ago, most of us couldn’t recall and in other words, we do not know how to control our conscious mind to go and search the data back in our subconscious mind.

Then why can a small child remember? 2 main reasons

The first is that the past life data in the child’s subconscious mind is still fresh as he is newly born. Furthermore the child’s conscious mind is still “pure” as compared to us whereby we used our mind to focus on our daily life routine so much so that we only use 5% of our mind and not the 100%. Children may use more than 5% of their mind power and sometimes they can accidentally “throw” their mind up to the subconscious mind and recall their past life or lives. If at that age, if the child learned to talk, he can narrate out his memories of past life.

Seeing Spirits and ghosts

Furthermore, with this “pure” mind (conscious) and the child may also accidentally use more than 5% of the mind, the child may then have what is known as third eye and can see spirits or ghosts. In other words, their mind is so pure that they are “sensitive” to surroundings like seeing ghosts, recalling past lives and if they can speak, their sixth sense is so strong that they can also predict the future and also sense if any natural disaster will happen or not.

Then why as they grow older, they lose this skill or third eye or cannot recall past lives?

Well, no offence ah on my below comments…

We can blame it on our parents and our parents can blame it on their parents and their parents can blame it on their parents and so on…. Why?

This is because our parents (or forefathers) guided and trained our mind (can also now be in our DNA) for survival as in we focused our mind to cry when hungry, walk when its time to learn walking, learned to speak a kind of language where your family, society can understand and communicate. This causes the child mind to focus and stream down their conscious mind to focus and just concentrate on some specific purposes. This somehow loses the child to use his mind in a wild and wide manner as the child needs to focus and uses his mind in a narrow and “civilized” manner that loses the human instinct of sensitivity to the surrounding. This in turn lead the child to concentrate and use only maybe say 5% of the mind.

What made it worse to the mind is greed. As we grow up, our wants become more and more maybe from wanting sweets to wanting big houses, fame, big cars, etc. This lead to our mind to be overly attached to material stuff that also detached our mind from the basic instinct. In other words, to be blunt, our minds become lazy.

Hence, with these “polluted” wants and specialized training and upbringing of our mind (using it in a narrow way), we only use 5% of our mind and we detached ourselves from our subconscious mind.

Very simple test that can be done over here – While reading my story now, can you recall what colour undergarment you are wearing now or what colour shirt your spouse or family member(s) are wearing now, or etc. Our mind is too focus and narrow and this is what we had trained our mind to be.

Then a question some will want to ask me… Why then can I recall and see those “stuffs”?

Very simple answer…. Because I stupid… Even until now I am still learning to walk and write lousy English… Maybe my master had trained and guided me since I baby so as to retain this basic instinct? To be frank, I also don’t know. But I honestly believe and understandings from theory of Yin Feng Shui practice that the reason is the story as narrated above and also the using of the conscious mind and how one uses it to throw to yours and others’ subconscious minds.

Well, I do sincerely apologize if there are any grammar mistakes or typo errors, if any, as I am writing this story under the influence of medications to curb my pain on my back and legs.

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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, still managing the pain and going to get technical knock out (T.K.O.) by my medications, signing off…

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