A scary story to scare myself

Hi all… Another story that is going to scare me to the max…

While this story is based on facts, so no need to treat this story as fiction. This story concerns my current health situation as at today 20th May 2014.

Yesterday, while I was happily walking with my elbow crutches, my left knee suddenly “gave way” and I collapsed like a humpty dumpy. Then it got painful and I struggled to my car and drove to Mount Elizabeth Hospital to see my usual orthopedic surgeon.

A MRI scan was ordered and I went for a scan at 6pm yesterday.

Today, when the doctor looked at the report, his face looked concerned and stressed. This is how the report looks like…


Then he looked at the images of the MRI and then explained to me that I had a complete tear in my ACL (Anterior Cruiate Ligament) and a tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus with new small oblique tear extending to the undersurface.

I don’t understand and so he explained to me that for a person to walk, it depends on the muscle of the leg and the ligament of the knee. And the scary part is that now my ligament is torn completely and my muscles are still weak due to the Cauda Equina Sydrome that I developed 6 years ago after a road traffic accident, how am I going to support my stability in my walking gait? Furthermore, the left leg is my stronger leg and now that this happens, it is quite scary to me

Then I asked him would surgery to the knee to reconstruct the ligament solve the whole issue. He said “Well, if you are a normal person with no disabilities, surgical intervention is recommended.” In other words, surgery to the knees will require to harvest a ligament from my hamstring and use it to replace on the knee. However for my condition, the leg’s muscle will collapse and I need to retrain the muscle to be strong again. At this point, this is the biggest risk. As I have paraplegia, I run the risk of not being able to retrain the muscle and I will not be able to recover from the surgery and I will be back to square one – wheelchair bounded again.

The next best option is to train the muscles around the knee to toughen up to support the knee to compensate the complete tear of the ligament. This way of recovery or compensation looks slim but nonetheless, I will just try it.

So here is the good and the bad news.

Bad news is that I have to focus more on my training and the good news is I need more rest after training. In other words again, I have more time during the “more rest” to write stories and no excuses of no time to write stories…. Hmmmm… I trying to be optimistic lah… hehehehehe!!!

This story also hopes to highlight that everyone is subjected to the nature of law of life e.g. birth, aged, sickness and death regardless of whether you are a Yin or Yang practitioner, qigong practitioner, etc. There is no such thing as super being (after becoming a qigong practitioner, yin practitioner, etc.) in this world. However, I do believe in miracle but effort needs to be put in from the person’s side.

I had missed out on writing on the mechanism of how I used Qi, exercises, meditation, etc. on the process of making my right leg to recover back it’s strength. Now that my left leg is in trouble and may be out of order soon, I will document down the process of recovery and healing this time.

Practical experience(s) together with the theory behind will form good stories I presume. All stories so far in ccfong.com are based on my personal experiences and I tried linking them up with the theories behind. I do hope you all enjoy the stories so far to date :)

Well, I personally dislike today’s story. This is the lousiest and the worst story I had written so far. I hate it to the max….

But nevertheless, I admit that I wrote this story to let out my fear and distress and I hereby wanna thank all of you for your listening ears again.

Stay tuned for better stories than this story!!!

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, feeling much better in my heart after writing this lousy story, signing off….

***********************sign off**************************

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