Commit Suicide – Jumping: What happen next to that dead person?

Hi all! Today’s story is to answer to a friend’s question and also to hint on how to handle after someone committed suicide by jumping.

By all means, treat it as fictional. This story is based on my knowledge from Yin practice.

Earlier in the stories, I could not recall if I did write anything regarding this story but I would like to write it again here in this story.

It is very sad and depressing to find out that someone you know did silly things like committing suicide and ended his / her life. Here, I would write about how a person who jumped to death go through in terms of mental and spiritually.

Here it goes…

Should you know anyone who is feeling suicidal, get help immediately!

Normally, when a person wants to commit suicide, his mind is blank and is locked on getting himself dead. Most of them choose jumping to death for whatever reason(s) I do not know cos I have no intention to commit any suicide ;)

Jumping to death is a scary procedure. When a person jumped from a height of say 20 storey high, the person or the body of the person might have passed on due to G force halfway during the fall. During this material point of instant (the mini second), the spirit or soul, where the mind is, left and separated from the body. Then body would land on the floor first and game over and after that, the soul lands on the floor. At this moment, the soul (mind) would think that he haven’t die yet and panic. As the mind is already locked onto the mindset to commit suicide to die, the soul, thinking that he has not died, will then climb up back to the 20th storey high and repeat jumping again. And when the soul reaches the ground, the soul still think that he has not died and so go up to the 20th storey high and repeat the jumping. This process repeats itself until some busy body like myself or some others (must be human), who can see them, tell the soul that “Hey look, you are already dead”. Then the process of repeating the jumping would then stop.

Remember: Life is important. Treasure it always.

After the soul knowing that it is dead, it then will subject to the normal afterlife procedure. According to Yin practice belief, because the person was given a life and ends it, he has committed murder and if there is really a reincarnation, he may not be fit to reincarnate into human and above.

For a Yin practitioner, we do not always so busy body and often when we see souls repeating the jumping, it depends on our mood to whether to enlighten the soul that it has already died and stop jumping. This is because we respect the law of nature and do not intervene in this nature of this soul trying to kill itself. It is similar to documentary filming on wildlife animals. Lets sat if the camera man sees a deer in danger and is going to be killed by the tiger, the camera man must not intervene and alert or help the deer out of danger. This is known as respecting the law of nature. The camera man would then filmed the deer being killed and tortured, etc. by the tiger. Same goes for us the Yin practitioners. Hope you do understand.

This paragraph is for a friend: Since you have asked me how is she now, I can only describe to u by writing this story above. If you do want to help her, you can sms me the address where she jumped down and I can unintentionally visit that area to take a look and I will be in good mood too ;)

Then a question would be: How about Parachuting?

Yes, it’s the same G force the suicidal and parachute jumpers experience. The difference is on the intention of death. Because for suicidal, the jumper already want to die so halfway through the jump, the soul and mind would then snap off and separate from the body. On the other hand for parachute jumpers, they have no intention of dying so halfway through the body, mind and soul become intact and combined as one to fight for survival.

There are helplines (normally 24 hours) in your country of stay to offer help to provide emotional support and to prevent suicide.

This story is written to answer a friend’s question with regards on how her friend currently is (spiritually) after jumping to death. Hope this answers your question and also a hint on how you can assist her :)

Please stay tuned for more stories.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, treasuring his life every second, signing off.

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