Dog – Man’s Best Friend

Today’s story will be talking on Dogs – Man’s Best Day.

This story is written in memory of Fudgie, a good friend (dog), whom passed away peacefully on 14th May 2014.

Fudgie is the first dog who accompanied and trained with me in my walking and balancing without walking aids.

This story is based on our Yin practice beliefs and understanding on Dogs – from its birth to its death. Once again, you may treat this as fictional by all means.

Under Yin beliefs, we believe in reincarnation and life after life. Like all of us, we reincarnated from previous life that might also be human and maybe dogs. This is because for an animal to be reincarnated into a human, the last animal before being reincarnated into a human is Dog. Why is this so?

Let’s start off with the animal realm… In the animal world, let’s say if I am an animal starting from an ant. In other words, I am an ant. I died but I did good merits during my ant life and karma will make me reincarnate into a bigger animal for e.g. mosquito then same thing did good merits and then cockroach, and so on….. until elephant, horse, snake, so on…. and in the end dog. Simplicity wise, I start from an ant and reincarnate into many lives of different animals and in the end I reincarnate into a dog before reincarnating into a human.

This hierarchy of reincarnation in the animal realm depends on the “spiritual sensitivity” (Chinese known as 灵性). In other words, dog has a more spiritual sensitivity than horse who has more spiritual sensitivity than elephant and so on… Spiritual sensitivity is also known as the degree of “human emotions”. For example, if you kill a cow for its beef, the cow would cry or kneel down and suffer in pain – All these are “human emotions” or spiritual sensitivity.

Dogs in this story would be classified as pet dogs and wild dogs.

Well, given the understanding that the last animal before becoming a human is a dog, a pet dog (domestic tamed) would stand a better chance than a wild dog.

Pet dogs are being tamed domestically and they are being closed to human and for pet dogs, they would not know and understand that they are in fact dogs. In the mind of pet dogs, they would think that they are young children. In other words, they assumed that their bodies are like human instead of dogs. An experiment can be done whereby you let the pet dog look at the mirror. Upon looking at the mirror, the dog may bark at its own reflection thinking that it is an intruder coming into the house.

Dog’s life is estimated to last about 13 years plus minus. If let’s say the majority of the life of a dog is being domestically tamed, it’s mind and mentality would already be locked into itself as a human and when it passes away, if it’s karma is good (e.g. accompany and train ccfong to rewalk, etc.) and it’s mind is already locked as itself being a child or human, the percentage of the dog reincarnating into human is high.

Lets compare with human and dogs, we human normally target to reincarnate into heavenly being after death as it seems to be “one level higher” than human. Likewise for dogs, if they have the same mindset, they would like to be reincarnate into human  as it seems to them that reincarnating into human is “one level higher”.

For wild dogs, because they are still in the wild, their minds are still locked at being wild and their chances of committing “bad” karma are high e.g. kill other animals e.g. cat for their meat, etc. Hence, the percentage of wild dogs reincarnating into human is lower than that of a domestic tamed dogs.

Well, this story is written and dedicated to my good friend – Fudgie. May you rest in peace and you will be remembered always :)

photo-6Resting after a long walk with Fudgie

photo-204Photo taken by me – Walking with Fudgie in its urn after it is being cremated on 15th May 2014.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, recuperating from back pain, signing off.

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