Is Feng Shui a science?

Often a times, this fat overweighted crippled far-from-handsome Yin practitioner (sadly that is me) often kenna criticized by other Yang practitioners (especially the New Age practitioners) that Yin practice is not scientific ah, no prove ah, etc. Some of them even said that I gotta becareful as I am handling some “unknown forces”. There is no scientific evidence or basis for Yin Feng Shui.

So should Feng Shui be a science or belief or idea or etc.?

Well, I will not and am not giving any definite answer to this. However, I would like to express my opinion by beating around the bush and bushes. By all means, treat this as fictional story as you deem fit.

Let’s start… Feng Shui is an ancient art to balance the energies (Yin and Yang) of any given space for a specific purpose.

Balancing energies may sound very scientific and nowadays New Age practitioners termed this art as Chinese Metaphysics – some kind of scientific system or way in the name of Physics (being expanded) to perform feng shui, life reading, etc.

To be more blunt, new age practitioners attend some courses by private organization(s), learned a few theories here and there, get some certificates and becoming a certified master and practiced feng shui using some forms or systems that they had learnt from the courses.

Well, I have approached some of them and asked them to explain why they insist that theirs are science while mine (Yin practice) is not a science. Often, I have some answers as follows:

“I have a certificate and am certified. You don’t have. So no ‘Quality Control’”

“I collect data and input them into the chart and follow a system and read out their destiny chart and not simply touch a bone and do a life reading.”

“Our way of feng shui is proven as we have many books written by practitioners as a support. Yours don’t have.”

“We normally use laptops, electric gadgets, etc. to conduct our feng shui so these are technologies – Science.”


Wah!!! Like that means science and physics..

Let me now put across a scenario where feng shui practices do not relate to Physics or Science theories and laws.

For a very basic example, in feng shui, we often a times advised clients to put some ornaments or build some walls to block negative energy (e.g. poison arrows from neighbouring buildings, etc.) from hurting us.

In Physics, we studied and understood Newton’s 3 laws of motion. I quote the 3 laws:

  1. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.
  2. Force = Mass times Acceleration
  3. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. – In plain meaning, if you slap me, I will slap you back. Hehehehe….

So lets say now oppositie your main door there is a “poison arrow” pointing at you, a practitioner will either ask you to put a mirror, build some walls, seal up the main door, etc. to “deflect” the negative energy from the poison arrow.

By the way, poison arrow in feng shui would represent a negative energy that flowed out from or originated from anything sharply pointing towards you. Sharply pointing can be refered to any sharp corners of walls, furniture, buildings etc.

In Feng Shui terms, poison arrow will hurt you by hitting you maybe through a negative energy (a force) coming from (a motion) the poison arrow. So in order to counter it, lets say a mirror facing the poison arrow is being installed to deflect it under the Newton’s 3rd law.

Well, if this is science.  How do one explain poison arrow hurting you?

You see, the building with the sharp corner facing your main door is stationary. So, if we follow Newton’s 1st law, there is no motion – meaning to say the building is full of inertia energy and this is it. No movement. Nothing comes out from the poison arrow.

Now you say there is a negative energy coming from the sharp edge (poison arrow), you are saying there is a force coming to hit you. But under science, where is the force? Under Newton’s second law, force is equals to Mass times Acceleration. Well, the building is once again stationary. Yes, it has the mass – very heavy somemore but where is the acceleration? With no acceleration, there will be no force. And what negative energy hits you? Under science, this poison arrow’s scenario / theory is invalid.

And yet, New Age practitioners still have the cheek to tell me Feng Shui is a science and my style of feng shui practice is without basis or scientific logic.

Oh I see….. Hope you all see it too….. Feng Shui a science? Hmmmm……

You say science 就 science lor.


However if you say science hor, can you explain to me the poison arrow’s scenario using scientific reasoning? I am not interested in the feng shui reasoning…

Could it be explained if we understand dark energy? Hmmm…….

Please stay tuned for more stories…

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, staring out the window at the neighbour’s building, signing out…..

Actually, I am preparing to go for my Aikido class… I am late…

************************signing off*******************************



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