Dark Energy

Dear all, the reason why the sudden lapse and delay of the stories was due to one reason – I am lost in time and space. Maybe some part in my brain itchy that caused me to dissect the Yin theory and studied deeper. I was stuck at this topic – Dark Energy.

Well, I guess I am still learning and although I have practiced Yin feng shui for almost 20 years, I still can get lost and hope that I can have my master beside me now to guide me through. It will be good if I can confide my lost and stupidity here in ccfong.com stories and if possible, you all can guide me through if you know the answer. If you don’t know the answer, please don’t guide me to “Holland” or a place of no return. Hehehehehehe…

Here is my problem that caused me to get lost….

Let me first explain how my problem came about..

One fine morning, I woke up early in the morning and a conversation strikes between my brain and me. The conversion were:

My Brain: “Hey! Have you ever wander why that needle in your luo pan move and what causes it?”

Me: “What a stupid question!!! Cos of electromagnetism forces around us lah!”

My Brain: “Then when did Chinese invent Feng Shui?”

Me: “Some few thousands years ago…”

My Brain: “Then, was there compass? Were there dates and time? Are there electricity? Not mentioning lights?”

Me: “Hmmmm………”

My Brain: “If you travel back in time say 3000 years ago, are you able to read destiny charts (based on Yang Feng Shui’s methods)? Vice versa, if the fs master then comes to present, would he be able to read the destiny chart?”

Me: “Maybe yes; Maybe no…”

My Brain: “What brings the formula(s) or destiny chart(s) of the Yang fs methology to current date from say 3000 years ago?”

Me: “Wah!!! How would I know?”

My Brain: “Through the help of the Yin Feng Shui?”

Then I probe and think further and more in depth.

Yang is Bright and Yin is Dark…. If the methods of the Yang feng shui method is carried on or passed down through the assistance of Yin feng shui, it may mean that the bright side is being carried down through time and place (the dark side) or the dark side holds the bright side till date.

Let me illustrate this using an example: Lets say we look at a star now in the sky during night time. The star we are looking at existed some million years ago cos the time the light travelled from the star to our eyes are million years. So what holds the light?

Let’s now jump to an assertion – What happens if the sun stops burning and our resources (coal and fuel) on earth used up? It will be of course, a total darkness.

Having said so, am I right to say that there is such thing as dark energy? Or Dark Energy exists? Well, I am a yin practitioner and also an Asura, of course I would say there is such thing. But on what basis?

If you can imagine, if our feng shui grandmaster (the one whom invented astrology some 3000 years ago) dropped into a time lapse and came to our time now, he would kneel down and called us God where we have lights, internet, microwave, mri, xray, ccfong.com, Fong Chun Cheong, etc.

So what holds all these yang energies (eg. light, energy, fire, metal, earth, etc.)? It is our universe that is in fact yin (total darkness). So again, having said this, is there really existence of Dark Energy?

My idol, Albert Einstein, formulated the formula, Energy = Mass times the square of speed of light. If Dark energy really exists, does the formula still valid as there is no light in darkness.

And if Dark energy really exists, then all Physics books saying “Every object is made up of atoms” are all wrong because dark energy would be smaller and lighter.

And if my assertion or theory is correct, it will be dark energy that can cause a big explosion in a planet (e.g. blow up a planet like earth into particles) instead of any yang energy (e.g. nuclear energy).

This would also equates Dark Energy may equate or equivalent to the Energy of Nothing.

If Energy of nothing exists, so what are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth?

If my master is beside me, I can ask him and get a straight forward answer. Now, I have to struggle and find out myself. No choice – life of a practitioner… Keep learning. Along the way, I will share my experience and knowledge and new things I learn with you all over here at ccfong.com.

Who are the masters of Dark Energy? Grandmasters who found the theory of Yin Feng Shui practice?


Looks like I have to do some reverse engineering to find out more. I am going to write a book on Asuras and what exactly they are?

Look forward to all your support again below to fund my research on this topic “Dark Energy”.

Please do not panic or feel any negative feelings over not understanding my story cos it is not a story but instead, it is me confiding in you all. I am still learning.. Like what my senseis always tell me in my martial arts training – If you think you know everything, this is the point when failure will come and find you. Keep learning. So, even after a decade of karate and aikido training, I will still remain a white belt because I refuse to go for any grading as Matial Arts are a life long process and gradings are never important to me. Colors of Belts only satisfy one’s ego.

Thanks for listening… hehehehehehehe

Please stay tuned for more stories….

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, starting his research on Dark Energy, signing off..

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