Dreams – Learning Lessons in dreams

Can a person learn a new set of skill in his dream?


In other words, can a person learn a skill of Martial Arts or Feng Shui or another language or etc. in his dream and this set of skills learned are practicable and can be used in this practical reality world?


Well, this question sounds very absurd but in fact it can happen.


Let me explain how it works under the theory of Yin Feng Shui.


Once again, you can treat it as fictional by all means.


Dreams are very much connected with subconscious mind, conscious mind, sixth senses, etc. as explained in earlier stories. However, the mechanism of dreams are also very similar with Limbo World as in dreams can be in between the physical world and the spiritual world. So if spiritual being in the spiritual world wants to pass you a message, it can be done through dreams. This also explains why Chinese believe that the deceased can communicate with the livings through dreams.


So how to learn lessons in dreams…


The ingredients to make this possible are:


Yourself, Bed and a Spiritual Master as in spiritual being and this master must have the strong affinity with you. In other words, this master must choose you and how he chooses you is his business – maybe somethimes he “backside itchy” lor.


How it works?


First, you must go to bed and sleep. 废话…. Just to fill up more space in the story only… Please ignore this sentence.


You must enter into a complete sleep at the stage when if there is no external influences, you will start to have dreams. In this point, the Spiritual Master would then synchronize his mind frequency with your subconscious mind. Then in your subconscious mind, that master would then awake your conscious mind and then you are awake, however, you are awake in your own subconscious mind instead of the physical reality world. Well, if the master skipped the process of synchronizing your subconscious mind and awake your conscious, its just like me waking you up to this current reality physical world.


In this stage, subconscious mind is a very very BIG playground. The master can set up his scene. In other words, if this master teaches you feng shui – be it cemetery, office or house, he will set up an arena. Lets say he teaches you house feng shui, he will set up a scene of a house and you are awake in the house. The feeling and awareness are exactly the level as now where you are reading this story. Then you have all the tools. Teaching you in the dream is very much easier as he can adjust any variables and can guide you through. Lets say in the house layout the main door faces north, he is able to change it to faces south and then teach you the differences between these 2 directions.


Then can this master also guide your spirit temporary out of your physical body and guide and teach your spirit by e.g. bringing your spirit around the world ah, etc. Hmmmm…. Luckily, my topic today is on dreams so this kind of spirit temporary leaving the body not under this topic so I no need to explain and talk about it. Will do so in the future but according to my speed of uploading new stories, it will be a long long long wait.


Well, I have a friend who always say I am so irritating. Yup! I agree… Very irritating indeed.


Ok la… I explain a bit. The theory is roughly the same. You have to reach to a level of sleep whereby the body is self healing. Then the master has to wake your subconscious mind and NOT the conscious mind. Thus before you need to train the subconscious’s conscious mind before all this can happen. In simpler wordings, the conscious and the 6 senses are still asleep while the subconscious’s conscious mind is awake and there is the point where there is the separation of the spirit and the body whereby the body is still alive.


A bad news in this story is that all these above can only be done when you are very very young – from age 0 to maximum 18 years old. This is because at this age period, the yang qi especially the Yuan Qi 元气 in the body is the strongest and the body can withstand all tiredness and fatigue that these dreams cause. Imagine you are alert and awake 24 hours a day – the body really cannot take it and very fast get old.


What is the pro and cons of a child learning lessons from dreams?


The child can have more knowledge and niche special skill(s). However, his studies would be affected as he might not be as focus in his studies as what his peers can achieve. So he will be deemed as “stupid” and “blur like sotong”.


My mum and relatives can verify all these cons as stated above. Hehehehehehehe!!!


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, trying to  catch up the sleeps he missed during his younger days, signing off…

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