Dreams – Foreseeing future in the dream

Can one see a forecast or a vision in the future in his / her dream?


Hehe… At this moment, I am going to repeat my same old excuse for not updating stories… My back pain ah, training here and there to strengthen myself ah………… Excuses. One ultimate excuse I am using now – Well, I dreamt that I had written continuous stories and posted in my blog and I thought that I had been hardworking until now that I came to realize the reality that all these are indeed dreams and I had not been updating my stories. I thought my dreams were real. Well, I guess that some of you may experience such dreams like after your alarm clock rings, you put to snooze mode and then you dream of yourself getting up the bed, doing all the washing up and preparing to go to work / school / karate / swimming / gym / etc., and when the alarm rings, ALAMAK!!! Its all dream and you have to do the washing up and preparation to go to work / school / karate / swimming / gym / etc. all over again. Just like what I am doing now – I am writing my stories all over again… This happens when the conscioius mind and subconscious mind mixed up together.


Hehehehehehe…. My this excuse good hor? Ok la, in conclusion, I am pure lazy. I owe you all many many stories…


Once again, the story is based on my understanding and interpretation of Yin Feng Shui and no reliance is to be based on this story unless proven.


Let’s begin….


Have you ever experience any situation whereby you are in a place doing some things and the particular whole situation / scenario had occurred before and you are reenacting it? In other words, lets say for example you meet me at Cityhall drink coffee and see the missing plane fly past us and I scream “Huat Ah” and you realized that this whole event had somehow taken place before somewhere some time.


If such events occur, the possibility that you “see” or being in this event in your dream would be 99% and the remaining 1% or less would be you actually be in the event in reality some time ago. Well, this topic is on dream then I will focus on the 99%… Yeah!!!! Easier to explain… Ole ole ole ole ole!!!!


Ok la… I will touch a bit on the 1% in the later part in this story.


Every night when you sleep (naturally), you will have many many many many many dreams and nightmares which often a times you cannot remember majority of them or even all of them. Because you have dreamt and forgotten the dream, it does not mean that the scenario and event of the dream is totally forgotten – These events in the dream are being stored somewhere in your subconscious mind and if in reality, you see the similar or exact events happening, you will have the feeling that you had been through the particular event before and the event is very very similar.

Why is this so?


Let me explain to you based on my interpretation and understanding from Yin Feng Shui, in order for one to see a vision of the future, the practitioner must first tune the frequency of his / her subconscious mind, sixth sense and conscious mind to the same frequency so that the sixth sense can use to collect information on the future and project the information into vision on the subconscious mind and then the conscious mind will read and see the vision.


Thus, when a person fall asleep, the body is at rest and in other words, the 5 normal senses that we can always control are at rest leaving the sixth sense to be either active or inactive together with the other 5 senses. If the sixth sense is active, it will collect information – information can be from your own imagination, future, past, present, etc. and then project these information to the subconscious mind and at times it will again project out a dream that your conscious mind can see. So if everything is well in place, your sixth sense is alert and collects the future information and your subconscious and conscious mind can meet together, you can see a vision regards to the future in your dream.


Well, having said that, normally a person’s sixth sense will be inactive like the sixth sense during sleep and the possibility of the meeting of conscious and subconscious mind is also very low.


If one can remember what he sees in his dream and knows which dreams are real (as in the information is collected by the sixth sense) and which are unreal (just another dream), he is able to foresee the future in his dream.


This explains how one can foresee a future (vision) in his dream.


Well, as for the 1% or less chances that you might have physically been to the (future) event in real life and when you experience the same event in present, you somehow can recall that you had been through the same event – Let me explain this using an illustration. If you cannot understand this, its ok cos very chim – it relates to time and space and if I have to write on this topic, I would write a very thick book trying to explain this time and space in the context of Yin Feng Shui.


An example to illustrate – a commercial airplane had mysteriously disappeared halfway during its flight. I shall use this as an example to illustrate my point on the 1%.


Disclaimer: I am not in any ways and means trying to link my example to any reality that is currently happening and using this example is 100% fictional and it is for the purpose of illustration in this story. No basis and any reliance is to be based on this fictional example. Thank you.


If the disappearance relates to paranormal activities, planes that suddenly gone missing can either goes to (a) limbo world (you may refer to my earlier story on limbo world) and (b) the future (in terms of time lapse). I will explain (b) in short detail as below.


In the first place, why for time lapse, one cannot go back to the past but instead can go to the future?


Well, in the theory of space (here we refer space to this universe and NOT parallel multi universe), there cannot be a two you at the same TIME in the same SPACE. In other words, lets say if I go back to 10 years back in time, at that time, that will be 2 me in the time in the same space (one 32 years old and another 22 years old) and the nature of the universe will be disrupted badly. You can say that if I goes back to 50 years ago in the past where I in fact did not exist in that time) – is it possible? Still no as it will be a 2 me in the same space again. Well, lets say I time travel to 50 years ago, I can write a letter to myself or pass message to someone who can pass the message to the current me in time to come. Thus, this will be 2 me at the same time in the same space.


And furthermore, I had lived to now and there is no future me trying to pass message to myself and this proved that time travel from the future back to current is still not possible.


Then what about future – Will that be 2 me in the same time and space?


Nope! Let me illustrate – I flew in the plane and went into time lapse (lets say 10 years ahead in time). For this 10 years, you are unable to locate me, find me, find the plane, drink coffee with me, etc., then in the year 2024 one fine day, the plane with me inside suddenly appear and land on Changi Airport. Then in 2024, I reappear again and there is only one me. However, I will still remain my current age of 32 while you all will be 10 years older in 2024. What I will feel in the plane is nothing – It would seem things normal to me and the feeling of time passes by is still the same only thing is that it had lapsed 10 years and I had been to the future in 2024 missing the period from 2015 to 2023.


Don’t worry the percentage of this occurring is like the percentage of earth turning from west to east.


So as for the 1% or less chance that you might have been to the event in real life physically experiencing the whole event, the theory will be you had entered a time lapse and saw things happen and then time lapse back to current. This happens very fast without you knowing – Just like me in the plane who does not feel that I had travelled 10 years. So when you sees the same event happening again, you had in fact be physically been to the event in real life.


Please stay tune for more stories and I will try my best to eliminate my excuses and write stories.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, praying for the safety and return of the missing flight, signing off.

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