Feng Shui Readings – Reliance to be based on it?

Dear all, apologies for the long delay in story.. Too many excuses liao so I think I no need to explain cos every explanation will be deemed as an excuse. Hehehehe!!! At least I am honest.


Temporary off from the Dreams and also my personal story, Today’s story will touch on how accurate is Feng Shui Readings and how much reliance is to be based on it.


I will use my personal life experience to support this story.


Using different methods of life readings, the Feng Shui readings for my life chart / analysis were that I was to be permanently wheelchair bounded or at best to be aided by walking aids.


How accurate? Very accurate as I indeed went through a spinal cord injury and was wheelchair bounded and certified by doctors that I would be permanently disabled (lower limbs paralysis) – confined to wheelchair or walking aids.


If I gave in to fate as per destiny chart and doctors’ confirmation as a support to the destiny chart, I would have given up hope and would thus remain permanently disabled for the rest of my life.


Then in 2008, luckily I did not give in to fate. I was determined to fight. Even I fell down injured myself, I still moved on to be on my feet again and went to do some “extreme” sports just to have the hope of recovery.


Almost 6 years had passed, I managed to make a miracle recovery and did some karate kicks as shown in parakarate.com – This website is still under construction; so far only have some photos to show only. Without walking aids, I tried to “walk” in a not so correct manner for about 8 minutes before my legs get weak and I kiss the floor.


Doctors were shocked at my recovery and said that nothing they can do medically to assist or improve my condition as it is beyond medical science.


By using the above same old story, I can say that destiny chart can be accurate (depending on the skill of the feng shui practitioner) but how much reliance to be placed on it? In other words, should a person follow and believe wholeheartedly on the destiny chart. In my opinion, NO.


Future is always in your hand and it is for you to control it.


A Feng Shui practitioner should not use these destiny charts to scare off people or use them as a form of threat or misue them for personal or business benefits.


So my destiny chart how? It still states that I am wheelchair bounded but in reality, I am able to stand on my feet. How? So my destiny chart not accurate liao lor. Too bad. I opted to change my destiny using strong mind power mainly determination. Thus, my opinion is not to place too much reliance on destiny charts. Instead, use it as a guidance.


This kind of situation is being addressed in Yin Feng Shui using bone analysis. Bone analysis is a tool for Yin FS practitioner to assess one’s past (even though one’s destiny chart had been changed before by any ways like mine) and using the information retrieved from the bone, combined it with the “texture” of the bone to form a “destiny chart” again.


Will talk more about bone analysis and its theory behind it in the future. So please stay tuned… hehehehehehe! While writing this stay tuned, I feel so pai sei.. Always eat snake for so long.


An update on my condition now, I can somehow control / move my weaker right leg although the whole right leg still feel numb and I still have no sensations over it. The strength of my legs is still very weak as compared to a normal person. However, I will just slowly train it back to normal if possible.


Never give up hope in anything.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, never ever giving up in writing stories, signing off.

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