The Making of “Master” Fong – Part 2

“Fong Chun Cheong, Now you listen carefully!!!! In our house, there is only yourself, your brother, your mum and myself and NO ONE else!!!!!” This was what my father told me after I told him that I would continue to learn from my Master at home.

All along, I had thought that my Master was a human that everyone could see. I used to ask him why in the house I was the only one talking to him. He always told and explained, “Well, before your birth, your parents and I had a major argument and we are not in talking term and we don’t talk to one another. However, you can continue to communicate with your parents and me. Learn from us. We adults’ businesses are not important to you. Both your parents and myself will teach you and its your duty to follow and understand. Remember, your parents don’t love me so please don’t tell them what I taught you. Be a good boy ok?”

What a BIG lie that my master had lied to me for 12 years. And I had him a nickname for doing so.. Will reveal the nickname in a later stage in my stories…

Coming back to the first paragraph of this story, I, still believing in my master’s BIG BIG white in colour LIE, defended my stance and master by telling off my father – “Well, I know you don’t like master. But it is just not right to separate me and master behind his back!”

Then my mother told me that there is no master and she was very supportive of my father’s assertion that there are only 4 of us.

Feeling superb puzzled, we went home together. I approached my master and insisted that he tell the truth. The truth is at that material point of time, I then realized that master is in a spiritual form. Well, till this very day, I am still unsure which is the real world – this physical world that I am now writing my story or the other world. I came to accept that both these worlds are real and it is up to me on how to handle these 2 worlds together.

My parents then probed me further on this master and what he had taught me.

The Philosophy of Life – mainly on the universe, why do things happen, why we are here, past lives and so on….. And taught me skills like how to handle energies around us, read life, and now how to fight with spirits / ghosts and that was why I was involved in a fight with that ghost as drawn in the last story.

My parents did not look very pleased and their faces were flooded with skeptical and suspicious signs. Then I offered to read their life. Well, my dad said although it was accurate but it was not fair as I knew them since young. Then my relatives came and “tested” me out and they too agreed on my accuracy but again, I know them since young. WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME AND EFFORT!!!!!!!!

Then to play fair and square, relatives’ friends came and test me out. This time, they were impressed that why I do not know them and I could be able to read their life as if I am them. Well, if now anyone has the interest to test me, he gotta pay me…. Hehehehehehahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Now that one of my skills had been “proven”. The next question is who is this master and whether I was in the right track or under good hand by this master.

Here comes my uncle into play. This uncle I am referring is the uncle who married the Ghost wife.

At that time, he was a Buddhist. Now also la… Only thing is that during that time he was a Buddhist while most of my relatives were free thinkers. So he met up with me and understand me further especially on the philosophy of life. He concluded that the philosophy of life that my master educated is very closely in line to what he had learned in Buddhism.

He then brought me and my parents to visit some monks.

To their surprise, as I was not being taught of Buddhism in this physical world, I was able to spar with the monks on the knowledge of Buddhism or the philosophy of life while I was only then 12 years old.

Then one fine day, my uncle called up and said that a monk needed my help for one of his followers who kenna some kinda of spiritual matter.

That was my very first case in handling spiritual matter…… And also the birth of “Master” Fong..

To be continued…………..

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, reminding everyone to throw away the hulu, signing off…..

Have a good week ahead!!!

****************************sign off********************************



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