The Making of “Master” Fong – 20 years ago

Happy New Year everybody!!!!! And I also grow old by one year old and had just turned 23 (pls read from right to left). And I like about 2 months never write stories hor???? Oops……. Busy training my legs….

It also marks my 20th anniversary in my current profession that also lead me to become a story teller in hehehehehehahahahahahaha!!!!!

20 years ago, I was just an ordinary secondary one blur like sotong student studying in one Methodist School. Then that blur me thought that everyone can see what I see – spiritual beings.

One fine Friday morning, I saw this weird fierce spiritual being (drawn below) in my classroom and stared at it. This spirit looks fierce, looked about 30 plus in age, male, well built, long hair and the most unforgettable trades on his face is that a slash of blood each on top of his eyebrows. Then he approached me, standing in front of me. Then that green horn me acted like a gangster and initiated a fight with it.

photo-199Something like this…..

If this current me is involved in this fight, it would be a chicken feet to me. However that 20 years ago that me hor…… Alamak! Without me realizing the risk and the difficulty of handling the fight, that spirit entered into my body and fought with me – it was as if it was going to take control of my body by “killing” or “pushing away” my spirit out of my body. Of course, I retaliated.

Spiritually, you can imagine it was like a boxing match and there is this small haven’t grow up boy fighting a fit well built monster. However physically, according to my classmates and teachers and principal, I had entered into a trance and about 10 classmates wanted to pin me down and suppress me but to no avail – All of them were rebounded far far away (like how you all throw the Hulu far far away) by my force. The trance ended about 2 to 3 minutes and I just collapsed onto the floor and was very weak.

This fight occurred several times and at one occasion, when I entered into the “trance”, according to classmates, pastors and principal, I rocked on my chair and I was rocking on the chair vigorously and the chair was balancing on one leg (out of the four).

We fought several times until I was experienced enough to “suppress” and gained control over it. Well, this was a victory and glory to me in terms of spiritually.

HOWEVER, in the physical aspect of it, trouble trouble many many trouble!!!!

The school appreciated that it was due to paranormal activities and believed that the school was haunted. So the principal called up my parents to discuss how to “assist” me after going all these traumas and trances.

Well, before going on further to assist me, my parents brought me to ?Woodbridge Hospital to consult a psychiatrist to assess if I was of a sound mind. Sadly, the result was that I was of a sound mind. Pai sei Pai sei…

After assessing that no screws were loosen in my tofu in my head which they called brain, my parents and school were more convinced that it was due to spiritual problem. As my school is a Methodist school, the principal wanted me to join their church and be guided by the priest / pastor. As my parents were then free thinker and had zero knowledge regarding spiritual or religion, they agreed saying that “by all means, if by giving our son to your church, as long as you can help and guide my son, please do so and we are very supportive of our son being in your church and have no objections.”

Then, I, angrily, banged my fists on the table and stood up with my eyes fiercely looking at my parents’ and said “No Way!!!! I will continue to learn from my Master at home and I am not going anywhere as to being in any religion.”

The greatest shock in my parents’ life and also mine, they looked at me, worryingly, asked “What Master???”

To be continued………………….

Please stay tuned for more upcoming stories and also my series of Dream story that I had been owing… hehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, celebrating his 32th anniversary living in this world, making a birthday wish that all your wishes come true, signing off…..

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