Karmic effect – Sabotage

This story is written to address FT’s question on the “Ways to Sabotage”

I quote FT’s question in the story “Ways to sabotage” – “Bro, don’t amateurs realize that there are karmic effects associated with the sabotaging actions. Maybe the code of conduct will shed some light on this.”

Thank you FT for your question. I will address the karma issues here and I will upload the story on the code of conduct soon.

What is Karma?

I will briefly explain Karma here.

Generally, Karma is you have to bear the consequences (in future) of your actions (what you have done). The quality of seed you plant, the quality of the fruits you will have.

In other words, if you do anything that is considered bad, you will suffer the negative consequences in future. Vice versa if you do good deeds, you will enjoy positive consequences in future.

A simple example – If I slap you now, I will await for a day for you to return me a slap. This is in line with Newton’s third law – action and reaction are equal and opposite.

So, is there Karma for Sabotaging?

There is a possibility of karma in Yin Feng Shui practitioners conducting sabotaging on other people’s premise.

But we have our defense under the eyes of the law of nature (universe).

Here is our defense status:

We are living in a competitive world (of business) and we have to fight for survival. We scheme against one another to achieve a bigger market share so that our business will grow.

Let’s take the same example of the restaurant A and B which located face to face in a mall and B is making lots of sales whereas A is losing money every month. A has to make a comeback to survive. So A has to strategize its business (such as advertising, marketing, etc.) to increase its business.

At this point of time, the purpose of restaurant A advertising and marketing is to increase its awareness and its food and it is equivalent to welcoming energy to A’s restaurant. Remember the theory of Law of Energy as being discussed in “FS Master”. A is practically transferring energy from B and the mall into A’s restaurant using advertising and marketing. Yin Feng Shui practitioners did likewise. What he did (sabotage) was just merely transferring energy from restaurant B to restaurant A. This is exactly similar to advertising and marketing. In other words, if there is karmic effect for advertising and marketing activities, then we are satisfied that sabotaging shall also be exposed to karmic effect.

In the code of conduct (to be posted in stories soon), there is a code stating that the Yin Feng Shui practitioner cannot sabotage and cause the fengshui of the other premise to be detrimental to a person’s life and health. If the practitioner did this, he is subjected to karmic effects and there is no defense.

To be fair, Sabotaging needs a certain degree of skills and knowledge. Should the practitioner sabotage wrongly (eg. locating a wrong position of wealth position), then he and his client will have to bear all negative consequences.

In conclusion, if a Yin Feng Shui practitioner conducts sabotage in a correct manner, he is not bound to any karmic effects.

Sabotage is just another ordinary strategy in business.

Once again, I thank KT for his question.

Please “stay tuned” again for more interesting stories.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, signing off.

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5 thoughts on “Karmic effect – Sabotage

  1. Thanks Master Fong for your explanation. Just wonder if the amateur is capable of knowing whether effect of the sabotage would cause other detrimental effect beyond just losing business, eg cause owner to get into debts and resort to other unethical means of doing business. While one could argue that it is the owner’s own free will to commit unwholesome deeds but wouldn’t the yin fs master and the client has some part to play. I think a good fs master should be able to see beyond his fs deployment so that the code of conduct can be adhered to.

    • Hi KT!Again yin fengshui sabotage is a tool to win a war (“business”). Whichever party loses, it is natural as in business you either win or lose and it depends on what tactics you use. Sabotaging (if i am not wrong) is also used in Sun Tzi Art of War.

      It may be difficult to appreciate that this sabotaging is not wrong and will not invite karmic effect. As explained, you may try to link sabotaging as a form similar to advertising and marketing.

      In order to give you an extra assurance, I will post a story on “What Yin Feng Shui practitioners’ view or position on Karma”. Please do give me some time to do the write up.

      Once again, i thank you for your comment and query. :-D

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