Dreams – Introduction

I have been dreaming to share my stories and experiences and this dream has been materialized.

I am still daydreaming that I am able to walk again without support and this has yet to materialize yet. Probably soon…

When I am sleeping, I dream…. Dreaming of you, me, anything and everything…

And this series of Dream stories, I will focus on the dreams that are related to dreams that occurred during the sleep.

I have been doing some soul searching and research on my library stored in my mind to write about Dreams and that’s why I took some time before I start to write this series. Below is the mind-map on what I am going to write in this series. Should I have missed anything or you want to know more, please let me know and I will add in to the story.


Of course, I will be writing on dreams based on Yin Feng Shui theory.

In the series, I will write about:

The stages of Sleep – when does dream normally occur during your sleep.

What is a dream? Can the dream be real or any indication(s) of things happening in the future.

How to gauge whether dreams are real or not.

Post Trauma Stress Disorder that I had suffered after my accident.

The myth or reasons behind “Ghost pressing on your chest” during your sleep.

How to prevent dreams from occurring.

Some people says that your spirit may leave the body and go wander around during your sleep. Is it true?

Is there such cases where a Master appearing in your dreams and teach you stuff.

Can the deceased (your loved ones) communicate to you through dreams?

Please email me if you do want me to include any other addition stuff about dreams you want to know.

Let me start off with the stages of sleep…

A sleep is a process where a person undergoes rejuvenation – i.e. rest and restore back the energy that had been lost while he was awake. Normally, a person’s consciousness is “lost” or reduced during the sleep and nearly all his voluntary muscles (e.g. use your hand to on the computer and read ccfong.com) become inactive.

However, when the body is resting during the sleep, our mind or brain is still moving. There is 5 stages of sleep…

Stage 1 is the starting of the sleep when the wakefulness of you transiting to sleep. It is a light sleep stage and if you wake someone up from this stage, he might tell u that he was not sleeping and was awake.

Stage 2 is when the brain begins to have more faster rhythmic brain wave. At this stage, the heart rate begins to slow down and body temperature also decreases – This is the process of getting preparing the body to a deeper sleep.

Stage 3 is when the brain waves becoming deep and slow. This is also the transition from a light sleep to a very deep sleep.

Stage 4 is when the brain waves have become deep and slow. Sleep-walking is most likely to occur in this stage. Hehe, I am not discussing about sleep-walking in this series of story… Yeah!!!! If not, I forever cannot finish writing… hehehe.

Stage 5 is the crucial one in my series of story because most dreams occur during this stage. During this stage, the voluntary muscles become more paralysed and there is eye movement, respirations increase and so is the brain activity. Muscles are more relaxed during this stage. This is also known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep or active sleep or paradoxical sleep.

Because your brain activity is high and you have no voluntarily control over it, there will be a COMBINATION or mixtures of images, ideas, emotions and sensations and you “give birth” to Dreams.

Yin Feng Shui theories or my series of story will target on this Combination and explain the story on Dreams…

Stay tuned for more…………..

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, going to stage 1 of sleep soon, signing off…

***************************sign off******************************

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