Ghost wife – The Love Begins

The female Angry Ghost, after taken her revenge by taking an appeal (that was allowed and enforced) in the Nether World, became a normal spirit.

We met up one day and she asked me who was the guy that brought me to assist her. Then after that, she told me she loved him.

I was stunned at that material point in time. Very stunned.

She pleaded to me for assistance. At that time, I was not so eager to assist her in this area as she was a Ghost and my uncle is a Human. How the h*ll am I able to convince my uncle that someone loves him and that someone is a ghost and cannot be seen.

However, my busybody energy overruled my mind. I listened to her story with my psychic abilities as a determination to “confirm” if what she is saying is ture and correct. Below you can treat it as fiction if you wish to. From what I saw and what she said, the story is that in one of her “past” life, she was with my uncle but however, there was a third party that was with my uncle then and thus she could not be close to my uncle in that life. At that point of time in this life, history repeated itself, my uncle still was with the third party and she even worse – a Ghost.

Furthermore, I analysed my uncle’s life at that point of time – In his love era at that time, this female ghost do appear in his love life.

I did my best to talk sense (in terms of Yin practice) to her. I explained to her that this could be fate and there is no point to change or fight it. I further asked her to “see open a bit” 看开一点 – not to be so overly attached to this feeling. However, she insisted that I should assist her to pass the love message to my uncle or else she wears red and die another time.

This threat did not have any impact on me to change my decision to assist her. She had done a killer move that had the largest impact on me – the tears of a female. At that time, I still very green horn and very much affected by the tears and agreed to help her on the condition that I only helped her to convey the message to my uncle and not brainwash him to love her. She agreed.

A note to everybody – Now I am more matured. Any tears from female will no longer move me. ;-P

Then, I unwillingly approached my uncle and told him the story.

Unexpectedly, my uncle agreed to have her beside him and he told me he love her too. How can this be? I also don’t know. Love and fate is a very miracle thingy – I was shocked then. In Yin practice, I can only explain love and fate as in the story before this and it was my very first time to have a case with both parties loving each other without seeing each other face to face and communicate i.e. a ghost and human.

With this, I need to arrange a meeting for my uncle to meet her.

I suggested my house to be the first place to meet. I did not disclose to anyone regarding the meeting – thus only myself, uncle and the Ghost know. The meeting was taken place in a weekday evening after I dismiss from work (army). That evening I recalled – before I reach home from the army, I received a call from my mum who sounded very worry. She saw a “white figure/shadow” in the living room. Of course, I explained to her regarding the meeting. Hehehehe.

The meeting was quite weird. I was the messenger. Probably I did a very good job – Both sides were very happy. My uncle was happy and the Ghost was also happy. At that time we addressed the ghost as “大姐”.

Since then, whenever I go out and dine with my uncle, there would be an extra cutlery. Example if I go dine out with him and my mum, it would be 三个人,四个碗 – 3 people, 4 sets of cutleries.

On one occasion, my uncle told me that in one night while he was lying and sleeping on his sofa, he heard stepping sounds and then saw beside him a female looking at him – a face with hair covered half of it, pretty sharp feature, smooth as silk texture, smiling at him. Their love for each other grew stronger.

As days and years went by, love went deeper and they decided to get married.

Interested in the custom of a human and a ghost marrying?

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