Relationship Love – The Yin Perspective

Before I proceed on with my Ghost Wife story, I feel that it will be more appropriate for me to elaborate on the Yin Perspective on relationship Love.

There are many different types of love – e.g. Parental Love, Siblings Love, Puppy Love, Elephant Love, ccfong Love, Love to read stories in, boy girl friend love, etc.

Here in this context/story, I am referring those boyfriend girlfriend love – relationship kind of love that makes one couple fall in love with each other and be together for the lifetime with regrets.

Because this kind of love is very broad, it is impossible for me to write every bid in this story. I would only focus on the area that concerns on my story Ghost Wife.

Here it goes – The start of today’s story…

Have you ever fall in love with another person without any reason?

I help you all to answer. Yes!!! Confirm have before one la. But why is there love and what is love?

Naturally, one would say that Love is the meeting of hearts and minds. Some also said that it is self-made problem. Why is there such meeting? Well, according to science, it is programmed into my DNA (Body and subconsciously). A male is programmed to spread his seeds and reproduce while a female is programmed to find good seeds (genes).

Hmmm…. According to my personal point of view (please do not put basis in my view), a male can suka suka happy happy  spread his seed(s) to any and many females because he does not bother about the quality of genes. On the other hand, for female – because she is programed to choose the best quality of seed so she cannot suka suka happy happy accept any kind of seeds.

Furthermore, civilization and education had “brainwashed” us that one male can only have one wife. Sigh…. :(

Because of this civilization and the program in our DNA, love is then formed. Imagine without civilization, we humans would be just like any other animal(s) and happily be mating around now and then without any involvement of Love.

Once again, the above is just my personal point of view in love. No basis should be formed with reference to the above points made.

Come back proper to the subject “Love”..

Let me illustrate an example – Nowadays, there seems to be having these trends of older man dating younger girls – some of whom can even be the man’s daughter. This is also known as “Old Cow eats Tender Grass”.

Generally, people describe them as the man wants the youth of the girl while the girl wants the wealth of the man. As such, the girl is seemed to be trading her youth for wealth and the man will think that this is love. So whether is there love or not, no one knows. If the man thinks that there is love, there is and vice versa. This kind is known as the Subjective Love – i.e. Whether there is love, it is all up to the individual.

Under Yin perspective, we would see love as Objective – i.e. some kinda of true love. Behind all the programmed DNAs lies what we refer to “Fate”. We also can refer this Fate as Destiny – something that unavoidably befalls a person.

Well, Yin practitioners classified relationship or romance stars into stages known as era. Let’s take me as an example. I am now 31 years old. I had past many eras of relationship in my life till now. Eras can be broken down into from age 16 to 20, 21 to 24, 24 to 28, 29 to 32, etc. No one knows how is such era being broken down. In other words, at this very instance, I may be entering into a new phase of a new era. Each era consists of many girls of which I would make one of them and become her boyfriend and subsequently husband.

Because I am now 31. Then the girls from eras (age 16 to 30) had probably came and gone because I did not choose any of them to pass my seed. Let’s say in this very instance, I have a girlfriend of whom I love her very much. I will be “holding on” or attached to her and together we will walk past all eras (ages) till death do us apart. Meaning to say if I marry her now, I will still be going in and out of eras with many girls falling for me but I would not be entertaining them. However, if I divorce her at age 40 (which will never happen because I very loyal one), then I will still be going through eras and girls will just appear and go and if I love another girl then I will again spread my seed and so on.

Then question is what forms the girls to be in my era? In other words, why do girls appear and make me love her / them?

In Yin’s theory, these are what we known as fate that is caused by what we did and who we met during our past lives. Let’s take you and me (Be it I girl or boy will depend whether you are male or female) as an example. Let’s say in one of our past lives, we were once very closed friends then in this life we will be bounded or destined to meet each other in one of our eras. Let’s say I am now in my era, you appeared and met me. I fall in love with you and you also…. <Hey don’t vomit la!!!!!> then there is a possibility that we can be together till death do us apart.

Hence, love forms when a guy meets a girl where both of them are in the eras of each other. Thus, they will love each other very deeply as there is true love. If netiher one of them is in the other’s era, then love is not stable or we term it as not “true love” and bound to fail.

This is the theory of Yin perspective in love. Do not worry if you do not understand what I am writing above because it took me a while to understand the essence of the meaning “love” in Yin’s context.

Because of this above complicated theory, many yin practitioners and even black magician knows how to play around with this era kind of things and assist people to find “true” love. Hmmm… Yin feng shui practitioners will help client find real natural true love while the black magician will help client create artificial true love. This is the difference. So find a yin feng shui practitioner is better than finding a black magician. Hehehehe just an advertisement la.

Should I elaborate more on this? Will be very very very technical especially on the black magician’s theory. Up to you all – If you all want, please request below at the comment box.

Now coming back to the Ghost Wife’s story.

After the female ghost asked me who was the man that brought me to help her, she said “I love him!”

Please stay tuned for updates on Ghost Wife.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, enjoying himself happily in his era, signing off….

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