Ghost Wife – “The Fight”

Two pair of eyes were looking at each other.

One pair is a pair of angry burning with vengeance and had been burning for about a century and the other is a pair of a young sweet calm charming double eyelid Ali Baba Mary Had a little lamp kinda of shining eyes.

The Ghost, who always clenched her fist, felt threatened and was all ready to strike.

Then the young handsome man finally opened his mouth:

“What makes your brain tell you that you are able to win or hurt me? You are nothing just a ghost. It’s like throwing an egg to a stone!!!”

For once in the century, she finally opened up her fist.

Then this sweet young little chap (that is me) cheekily held her hands and said:

“Look at your beautiful hands… How beautiful! But you had misused this pair of beautiful and hit wrong innocent people… So what is the difference of you and your husband that once ill-treated you?”

Well, at this junction, tears started rolling down to her hot burning cheeks.

You know ah… We practitioners are being trained not to be heart softed (心软) by girls’ tears as we are being taught girls often use tears as a form of weapon to attack and attract guys.

Hmmm…… It only applies theoretically. In reality, please do not use tears to hit me. I very soft soft hearted one. Look at me…. Sigh….. hehehe!!! Hope you all believe….. hehehehe!!!!!

Sympathy overruled my young little mind then.

I whispered to her ears:

“Those fellows who you wanted revenge are now all dead. Why not go to the nether world and have your case reviewed by some officials there?”

How was this being taken place? I cannot review much here. As a brief, because all those fellows that bullied her – majority of them and the number one culprit are still hanging around in the nether world. So, she can go report her case and let the authorities deal with them.

For more details, T-bits, snacks, steamboats, eggs and I will tell you verbally…

Hence with this arrangement, she was able to “take her revenge” and thus getting out of the world of Angry Ghost.

Yeah! I was happy then as without any fight, I was able to guide her through and settled her revenge and also to ease my uncle’s friend and his family – meaning they are no longer being disturbed by paranormal activities.

This is known as one stone killed many birds. But I am a vegetarian – shouldn’t be killing birds. Sorry sorry pai sei pai sei…. Anyway, no birds nor any creatures were hurt during this “fight”.

After her case was settled with “taking revenge” through justice, she came to thank me for my guidance.

Of course, the polite me told her that she was welcomed and I was only doing my job as a practitioner.

Then to my BIGGEST surprise in my whole life, she asked me this question with her beautiful glowing (with love anxiety) phoenix shaped eyes:

“The person who brought you to the house to see me and handled my case – Who is he?”

To be continued………………….. Next will be writing on marriage between ghost and human.. However, this may take some time as I need to discuss more details in depth with my uncle.

Please stay tuned for more stories……

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, searching for T-bits but to no avail, signing off…..

******************sign off******************



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