A Composition – Three Good Buddies

A little break from the normal stories…. Today, I want to practice my composition writing skills after getting an inspiration from a good friend whom had came back for a while.

Here it goes….

Once upon a time, there were 3 very good buddies named Funny, Very and Torlong. These three jokers (originated from the same “clan”) happened to know one another by chance. They were very close and allowed one another to step into each individual’s personal space.

Very and Torlong were females while Funny was a male. Normally, one would expect a underwear (triangular in shape) love to happen. Nope, the so called underwear love did not ever happened. Both Very and Torlong worked as Models and travel overseas most of the time while Funny is busy counting bones here at home.

Very and Torlong were very worried about Funny and his life. You see ah – Very is a very serious girl who has a firm principal of her own; Torlong also has a torturing character that she takes control of her life and the world. Funny as his name stated, is weird and always take life too easy and happy go lucky – today got beer today drunk.

With this above introduction, a reasonable and honest ordinary person will confirm that both serious natured Very and Torlong would surely be worried about Funny and his future. Of course, Funny would always funnily tell them not to worry about Funny and it is so funny to worry about Funny who takes practically everything as funny and would like to live on a funny life and share funny stories and experiences in a funny website where most people deem it as a funny blog.

Then one very fine day, Funny lost both of his legs and underwent a surgery. Funnily, Funny was transferred to High Dependency Unit (HDU) for observation after the surgery. Because Funny did not contact them for long and so they called Funny’s handphone while Funny was lying flat in HDU. One of Funny’s family members picked up the phone and told them not to disturb. Again funnily, they misinterpret that Funny was under some sort of life support and that Funny was going to die.

Being very worried, both young jokers went to all restructured hospitals to search high and low for Funny and of course, to no avail.

Then they went overseas to continue their usual business.

Very suddenly told Torlong that they forgot about Private hospitals. Then Venn said she would take a flight back to find Funny while Torlong still remain there. That was the last time Torlong saw Very.

In the hospital room, it was raining very very heavily. Funny woke up feeling very pain. Very was beside him – stroked his hair and told him things were going to be fine. Very’s words were “I am very confident that you are able to recover one day. Rest well now and don’t worry so much! Things will be going to be better for you.” A warm smile and a kiss on the cheek were given by Very to Funny. Very then stroked Funny on his chest and put him back to sleep.

Recently not many hours ago, Funny met Torlong. Torlong said it was impossible for Very to appear in Funny’s hospital room as Very did not make it back home that time. And even if did, how can she find her way to the hospital room number unless she asked the receptionist and the receptionist would alert Funny beforehand.

Torlong said to Funny that Very’s last words (of confide nature) to Torlong were Very was very sick worried of Funny. Very loved Funny and would die for Funny in exchange of Funny to live a life being healthy and happy. Very also hoped that she can guide Funny and be by his side during Funny’s difficult time and support him and never give up on him.

Of course, Torlong blamed the lost of Very on Funny. That is not funny at all.

A reasonable and honest ordinary man can understand how Funny is feeling at this point in time.

Since then, Funny had vowed to recover fast and live on a life that Very would expect out of Funny.

This is a story of a three very closed jokers – One down, Two injured….


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Will continue my Ghost Wife’s story tomorrow.

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, in tears, signing off….

When writing this, a good friend, Pauline, who I was watsapping while writing this story told me this and also gave me permission to quote her sayings to me: “Dun be sad… U goat stay bright, then those arnd u will shine brighter than u.. N u will benefit fm their shine…” This paragraph is for you :-)

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