Ghost Wife – How My Uncle Met Her


Today’s story will touch on the continuation of Ghost Wife on How my uncle met her.

photo-197My uncle!!!!

It was somewhere in year 1999. My uncle (also known as “Colin”) accompanied one of his friends to “open door” to his friend’s new house upon taking the keys. When his friend opened the door, Colin and his friend stepped into the house. 废话… All windows in the house were all closed. Then a sudden gust of wind welcomed them from nowhere. According to Colin, when he was being addressed by the gust of wind, he felt very cold and his goose pimples started to come out from his skin.

Of course at then, he asked me. I just said “Ghost” and did not attend to the house in 1999.

3 years passed since then. In 2002, his friend complained to Colin that:

  1. His nephew always cried without reason.
  2. His younger brother always heard a lot of “cries” though he was alone physically.
  3. His family suspected “Ghosts”.

His brother-in-law then approached a Malay Bomoh for help. The Bomoh diagnosed a female ghost residing in their house and the criteria for the Bumoh to help them is that they had to refrain from putting pork into their stomach. The mum first to reject and also did not believe in any ghost stories.

Then my uncle said “Ask my nephew!!!” His friend said can but on a condition – Not to tell his mother.

Ok Lor…. Very simple.

My plan was to go to the house with Colin – As I was young then, I just hold my uncle’s hand to the house, sit on the sofa and just pretend to enjoy my can of coca cola.

As planned, I go to the house with my uncle.

At there, I saw the friend, his nephew, mum, brother in law and a pretty woman – in her 20s, hair half covered her face, sharp features, big eyes, sharp nose, slim, hour glass figure and she was wearing a chili red dress.

I, a handsome young strong fit handsome again man, got her attention and she knew that I could see her.

Then pressure and feeling threatened, her facial expression changed and was very very angry. She also knew that it was my uncle who brought me there – and so my uncle also got her attention.

She clenched her fist and bite her teeth and wanted to cause hurt to everyone.

I stood up and stared her in her eyes.

And she, too, stared back.

To be continued…………..

Please stay tuned for more!!!!!!!

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, taking his medication and going to collapse soon, signing off………

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