Ghost wife – My disclaimer

My back feels better and many thanks for your prayers and encouragement. Very much appreciated.

Before I continue my story on Ghost Wife, I have to first put forward a disclaimer due to a Chinese Custom Practice that I need to adhere.

As this “Ghost Story” involves my uncle’s wife (Ghost), I need to adhere to the Chinese Custom or “Law” before I proceed on writing about her.

Here goes the Chinese Custom I am referring to…

“To comment on Brothers’ or other “gang” member’s wife”

No involvement of any secret societies here. Gang member here refers to a closed buddy / buddies to a person until they somehow form a gang e.g. mahjong gang, kopi gang, Godfather gang, etc.

Wife here also includes lovers, mistresses, etc.

There is this unwritten Chinese custom / practice / “law” about commenting on closed buddies’ wife. Wife to a Chinese man is considered an asset. It is always the man duty to protect the wife and not exposing her to any threats, risks, mistreatment, etc.

As being said that, another fellow man must at all times respect other people’s wife especially his own buddies’ wife. With this, a man must not comment on other people’s wife and not even WRITE STORIES on other people’s wife.


Here it goes….

Let’s take yourself as an example. For readers who are not male, I may need you to imagine yourself as a man… Pai sei ah.. At most next time, when I meet you, you treat me makan… hehehe!!!! 先下手为强 or The early bird gets the worm. Wahahahahahaha!!! So you all treat me a meal ah… Like that, I will become a round ball soon… Better not…

As a man, if I comment about your wife saying she is not pretty or beautiful, you (as a man) will get offended or insulted.

In the other hand, if I comment about your wife saying she is very pretty, I am posing a threat to you like I anytime will take away your wife from you. Or in other words, I pose a threat to you that I will take advantage of your wife.

In brief conclusion, it is a good practice not to comment on other people / friend’s wife.

As such, there is always this practice I incorporate in my yin practice or any professional services. If a man gets into any “trouble” or sickness or any trouble and the wife needs any assistance, I will not go alone. I will either attend to the wife in front of the man or bring along with me another female companion to accompany me.

And another BIG no no is commenting on other brothers’ / friend’s wife in front of the brother / friend. Well, gossiping does not apply here…. Wakakakakaka!!!! Sometimes I also can act like a girl mah… Gossip here and there ;)

This is the Chinese Custom that deters me from wanting to write the story on Ghost wife. However after several confirmation and support from my uncle whom is also a great buddy / “gang member” to me since I small boy, I decided to write more about the story. And of course, I still get consultation from her (the Ghost wife) and also a blessing from her to write the story.

Having said all these, I still have to put my disclaimer down. By writing the story on Ghost wife, I do not have any personal interest or any ill-intended intentions against anyone or any beings or any wife. And by describing the pretty features of the Ghost wife does not warrant me to pose a threat to my uncle or to anyone that I will take advantage of her in any manner.

Ok la.. Describe to you here how she looks like… Big sharp (Long) eyes, sharp nose, small lips, sharp face, rosy cheeks, fair complexion and I like her hair style. Shoulder length hair with her left side of her face “covered” by the straight smooth hair and the hair upon reaching her shoulders, the hair would just being curved up with the end of the hair pointing towards the sky. A word to describe her… “Pretty!!!”

With this, I am more rest assured to continue my stories. Too many laws and customs to adhere to always make me very timid and shy one…. If you all ever believe…. Wakakakakakaka!!!!!

Will continue writing together with my back pain… Your prayers and T-bits for me are welcome and needed.

Probably the continuation of Ghost story will be updated on Monday as I need time to recuperate and rest.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, thinking of Ghost wife planning on how to write on Ghost wife, signing off…

***********************sign off**************************



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