Latest update – My excuse

Hi all,


I may pause uploading new stories for a couple of days due to my back giving me some discomfort.


But this is expected of me as my back has not been giving me any pain for the last couple of months and now the pain just comes back and haunt me for hopefully a short period.


Doctor says that my back is still in an unstable and weak condition.


Furthermore, I also have seeked permission from doctor to train my lower body so as to increase (hopefully) my muscle strength especially on my weaker right leg. As I am still young (Well, I will be always young), I have to give it a try and to give myself a chance to recover fully. Whether my legs can be recovered fully is not a primary issue, the primary issue is that at least I have tried and I will not live with regrets.


My legs (especially on the right) are always numb and I have no to little sensation over my legs. At times I get this muscle spasm that will cause extreme pain.


I had been dependent on my left (stronger) leg to ambulate with walking aids and as time goes by, my left leg is giving pain too.


Furthermore, I am now starting to train on my legs (with supervision from an expert) and I afraid that this process may irritate my nerve and may cause pain too – hopefully not. Just my imagination only….


As such, I may want to apologise and seek your understanding on the delay in the uploading of stories for a couple of days as I will want to focus on my training my lower body and also to manage my back pain that is haunting me again.


Please keep me in your prayers and wish me luck in overcoming the pain.


Once it is more manageable, I will continue on my story on Ghost wife.


I think my comments below can jalan already. Feel free to write any comments or post any questions or tell me what stories you want to know, etc.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, in pain, signing off… Will be back in action again soon…

***************sign off*****************



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