Ghost Wife: Introduction – How the girl became an Angry Ghost

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Actually today I want to eat snake as I had trained hard on my lower body and I am suffering from muscle spasm on my legs. But suddenly 2 messages together with a picture (below) from Lee L.G. stating…

“I want to see new story in the morning.”

bb2c6e083458ecc4b9b55f7c211b26e0Then this picture came in..

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Greed overpowered and flood my mind and gave me the strength to write another new story despite all the pain I am currently enjoying now.

Here it goes……

Read it like a fictional story.. Although it is based on a real life story but Reader’s discretion is advised. Well, I don’t know what it means cos there are some video clips stating viewer’s discretion is advised so I just add in Reader’s discretion is advised.

Let me recap and summarise the topic on reincarnation. Reincarnation is a process when a “state” (e.g. human body) expires, the soul in it will be held in a holding ground for a maximum of 49 days before the soul is being reincarnated (posted) to new lives. And also to recap you on the story of Angry ghost where a person wears red and commit suicide and turned into Angry Ghost for revenge.

Long long long time ago many many many many years ago, there was this girl who lived in the mainland of China. She was poor and lived in a village. Wah! I maciam like writing a Primary School composition.

Then hor, a rich family based here in our country bought her over. Like those old stories… The guy was rich and wanted many women, saw her pretty so bought her over to become mistress or second third wives. Then the usual family politics happened, the big wife came out with many patterns like badminton – poked her in front of the rich guy (husband) and evilly brainwash the guy to hate her.

Then miserable horrible terrible torturous evil treatments greeted this girl. According to her, she was being mistreated, starved and if time for her to eat, she would be served with some kind of lousy not for human consumption kinda of stuff.

This girl was poor. Her hometown was so far away from here. At that time, there weren’t any budget airlines. She had nowhere and no one to turn to. Ccfong also not born yet. Death was her only option. She was then in her early 20s. This was what goes in her mind (translated by me from Chinese to Singlish): “I tak boleh tahan this family. The guy bought me over just to play me and did not care about me as promised. And worse still, the entire family is illtreating me till the extent I am worse than an animal. This is very uncalled for. Justice is to be served on them but where is Justice? After weighing the situation, death serves a better option. However, I 不甘愿!!! I shall return back with vengeance and bring them to hell one by one!!!”

Then don’t know where she learned from (that time haven’t write story on Angry Ghost), she put on the red dress and did as per the story Angry Ghost.

Yup, she had the “permission” to revenge and skipped the 49 days – the process of reincarnation. She came back for revenge!!!

Superb unlucky for her… The family that bullied her was being “protected” by someone like ccfong and it was impossible for her to lay hands on the family. Day by day, year by year, she was seeing how the family prosperous and enjoyed their lives and her vengeance got super hot!!!

Years passed on quickly. The family that once bulled her finally reached the expiry date and passed on.

You all will think straight away that the girl can now able to take her revenge on the souls of the family members.

Reality is that the revenge on the soul(s) is not allowed. The Angry ghost “permission” is for her to take revenge on the living humans and not on souls. Till her revenge is being taken, then she will be subjected to those karma and reincarnation process.

Now, revenge was not unable to carried out on them and those whom she wanted to revenge were now all gone. She was being stuck in this state (of Angry Ghost). Well, her vengeance grew stronger and she felt superb injustice. So she laid her hands on the descendants of the family….

Then this was when my uncle, and me got involved…..

Please stay tuned for more…..

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