Reincarnation – Gurus returning back in another life

After the first 2 stories about reincarnation, I hope you may have a brief idea on what is reincarnation and how it works. Today I will answer YSB’s question. Here is the question:

“Master Fong, It will be interesting to have your view about Reincarnation. In Tibetan belief, many lamas return to this world to continue their teaching as Guru. How do you view this in Yin Fengshui and how can one identify a reincarnated lama or guru? Yin Eye Can See?”

This story may involve on some religion-based explanation(s). Any offence (if any) to any beliefs or religions is unintentional and of course, this story can be treated as fictional by all means. In the event, if you cannot understand what I am trying to say, it’s okay one. Cos I simplified all procedures in one story….

Let me begin the story with a set of identical twins as an example. Let’s assume that ccfong has given birth to a set of identical twins in a same time and date and surgeon opened my tummy and took out both of them at the same time. Theoretically speaking, if ccfong gives them the same motherly love and care, enroll them in the same school, treats them the same for everything, etc., both of my twins should have the same character. However, in reality, both of my twins may be different in extreme ways.

So, what is the element that makes my twins different and unique (given the fact that both of them ate the same amount, treated the same way in everything since birth)?

Under the ccfong’s Yin school of thought (based on his understanding and interpretation from nature under Yin practice), this element that makes the difference is known as the data stored in the subconscious mind. The data consists of experiences and memories from the past life(s). We shall hereby term these data as the ELEMENT in this story.

江山易改本性难移 – So what is the 本性 here? 本性 is actually made up of this ELEMENT. What had been stored in your subconscious mind had already moulded the kind of character you are by nature.

All the above is to let you appreciate a brief idea on how our past life(s) had actually affected (moulded) us in our character, behavior, thoughts, etc. and even our this life physical features. Remember these are applicable generally to us the normal human being who uses more of conscious mind than subconscious mind.

This abovesaid ELEMENT somehow may no longer apply to a person (guru or practitioner) who practices Yin Yang Feng Shui or a lama or any spiritual practitioners. This is the reason below:

In the study of spiritual or wisdom cultivating be it in Buddhism or Feng Shui or etc., we mainly focus on our wisdom or in other words character (spiritual) building. The way we walk our path or in other words practice, we are actually increasing our knowledge and these knowledge will then be put (generated) into our wisdom (subconscious mind) and thus our wisdom will then form our character, behavior, how we treat and interpret things, etc. In other words, we are mindful of the changes in internal (e.g. ourselves) and external (e.g. environmental) and uses these changes in cultivating our mind – conscious and subconscious mind till they somehow form one – i.e. a whole mind. This is known as cultivating Wisdom.

Hence, Wisdom in the practitioners’ life had superseded the ELEMENT in them. In other words, the ELEMENT no longer form them like how it forms normal human beings like us but instead, practitioners cultivate wisdom and uses it to control who they want to be and somehow gets the control of the ELEMENT. Thus practitioners use wisdom to take the ELEMENT in control. In simplicity speaking, practitioners can choose who they want to be and how they want to be and also where they want to be.

In addition to practicing Wisdom, practitioners may need to practice Zen 禅. Am not going to emphasize on Zen as this is a storytelling website focusing on stories relating to Yin Feng Shui. Just to highlight that Wisdom and Zen are similar in some way Yin and Yang. A practitioner needs both Yin and Yang or Wisdom and Zen to attain “enlightenment” in their field.

Will borrow this chance to explain the origins of ccfong. Ccfong is a practitioner and comes from the background of practicing Zen and Wisdom. However in this reality world, ccfong needs to feed himself and thus need to make a humble living. In the event if ccfong practices Zen and Wisdom and ignore the reality world, ccfong will 100% die of starvation. Thus, in order to live on in this reality world and yet still continue to practice Zen and Wisdom, ccfong took up Yin and Yang feng shui practice for survival in this reality world. Time flies really very fast. Ccfong has been in practice for coming 20 years in Yin and Yang. Being brought up in the influence of Zen and Wisdom practice and had been practicing Yin and Yang for about 20 years, ccfong should be able to write millions of stories in Hahahaha :-)

Enough of ccfong… Back to story.

For Gurus, with the practice of Zen and Wisdom, they are able to make a return in an after life to continue their teachings or practice. For many of us, we let the environment take control of us (i.e. The Element) while for practitioners, they take control of their life and after lives. Well, all of us are still subjected to Karma.

In a short conclusion, the Gurus overcome the barrier or control of the ELEMENT and are able to gauge based on their practices and karma where and when they will be born in their after-life and thus the disciples are able to locate them.

Well, there are many many many risk factors to take note. Examples are:


Can the parents of the newly born Guru accept the fact that their baby was a Guru in his / her before-life?

The new born Guru is in a new born body and he has to go through childhood and teenage. As our body has what we termed as inherent bodily mentality growth, these new born Guru will be undergoing a new environment with new distractions. In other words, you cannot expect a 5 year old kid to have the mental state of a 90 years old guru and to behave like them. They have to undergo maybe 18 to 21 years of growth (from baby to teenage) before they can decide if they want to carry on their teachings (often the case) or they might have chosen and lead a normal life, e.g. ccfong now writes stories (becomes a story teller). :-)

Do these new born Guru have memories of their past life or lives? Depends on their “level” of practice, some Gurus have the memory of their past life or lives. However, if they are too much distracted by the external environmental temptations during their growing stage, their memories of their past life will be washed away by greed and they are back to normal person like you and me. Huat ah!!!

How can one identify a reincarnated lama or guru? Lets take this storyteller as a Guru for an example. If this storyteller is now 97 years old and passes on and reincarnated into a new life (human body) soon after he passed on. Maybe 5 years later, this new born child who has some maturity in mind and decided to tell of his memories of his past life e.g. he knows of the password to enter into to write stories and he says he remembered a guy called YSB kicked his car in his previous life and he is able to tell the car plate number and he recalled being trashed in a bowling game with a 60 points handicapped, and so on. Then, because it is only 5 years from now and everyone of you is still around and you all are able to ascertain that this 5 year old kid is ccfong in his past life. If let’s say this storyteller returns back in 100 years later and he says all the above, people around him will ask him what; what bowling game; what YSB and bowling, etc.

Hence whether one can identify a reincarnated lama or guru must really depend on the time frame when this reincarnated lama or guru reviews his “identity”.

Well, can Yin Eye see? Yes. However, you need to incorporate Yin Yang practice.

How do I view all this (Gurus returning to this world to continue their practice and teaching) in Yin Feng Shui?

Well, in Earth as Human Beings, we are able to feel and go through hell (lousy feelings) and heaven (happy feelings) and this is an exciting world – Thus a neutral ground for practitioners. If they choose to come back here and continue their practice, it sounds reasonable. However, a practitioner should be able to continue his practice and even teachings in any terrain anywhere so no need to be so attached and choose to come back here. It can be anywhere. 随缘. This is under ccfong’s yin school of thoughts ah. No offence to anyone.

Well, the theory we have to keep in mind is that Monies or assets cannot be carried forward to after life; only knowledge and wisdom can. Read more stories from Wahahahahahaha cos laughter (happy feeling) can also be brought forward one. Hehehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for more stories.

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing to write the story of Ghost Wife, signing off.

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