Reincarnation – The Beginning

Today’s story and next few stories will touch on the topic of reincarnation. As this is a sensitive topic, I have to plan and arrange what to write and what not to write too :-) By all means, treat them fictional. This is inline with my yin practice – my understanding of theory and practice of Yin Feng Shui – dealing with the dead.

Well, first of all, I have to highlight that be it Feng Shui practices, lawyers, accountants, etc. we have a set of theories and laws that are very general and it is up to individual practitioner to interpret the theories and laws. Let’s have a general example of a cup that is half filled. You can interpret it as that the cup is either half filled or half emptied.

As far as my story goes, the topic on reincarnation is based on my interpretation and understanding of the Yin side of knowledge. I may be correct or wrong. But should my story contradicts with your beliefs or knowledge, your beliefs will supersede my story. Once again, just treat it as a bed time story.

Here it goes…………………….. I went to the zoo and the zoo closed…..  May look forward to a little token in support below for superstitious reason(s).

The beginning of the process of reincarnation is “Death” of a life.

In this story, we will refer the Death of a life to the Death of a human body.

Once the human body reaches its expiry date, the body “dies”. In reality, the body is pronounced dead by the medical professionals. What happens next?

Nurses will push the body to one side, clean it and then undertaker will come and retrieve it and so on…………… No no no no NO!!! This story is not interested in these procedures but it focuses on the soul in the body.

What then happens to the soul in the body?

Generally, it is being known to us that the soul will leave the body. In reality, imagine your soul is being attached to your body for decades and there is this feeling of “attachment” to the body and thus whether the soul leaves the body will depend on how the soul can overcome this “attachment” and face reality of “death” of the body and thus leaving the body. This is the toughest stage in the early stage of death.

If the soul somehow decided to leave the body (be it through self help or cremation), the kind of feeling the soul will go through is that the soul will somehow undergo some kind of strong pressure and hears a very loud “OONNNNN” sound (of pressure) and then “POP!!!” – the soul comes out. Remember ah, all these are my understandings and no reliance(s) should be based on this story.

When the soul leaves the body after few decades, the soul is somehow “blurred”. Then there is this force behind this soul that will push the soul in a long tunnel of sliding with many many lights all over in the environment. After sliding, the soul will reach an “admin” office and have to settle some administration stuff… hehe. Something like that lah…

After settling the admin stuff, the process of reincarnation then kicks off. How the process of reincarnation is depending on various and many many many factors especially karma. Below is the manner on the process:

The soul will be held in a holding ground – similar as the stage of wandering spirit for the fastest period of the next second to the maximum of seven seven = forty nine days (七七四十九天).

In the event if the soul is still in the holding period for at least seven days, they are free to roam around and by the seventh day, they have this procedure of going back to his place of stay (normally house) to have a “last” look around. Whether will the soul “be chained” depend on where the soul will be reincarnated (posted to). In other words, if the soul was a naughty human being committed many bad karmas (seeds) and will be most likely to “go to hell”, the soul will be likely to “be chained”.

Here are the possible venues where the soul can be reincarnated to (posted to):

1)   Heaven – Place of “enjoyment”

2)   Asura’s Heave – Opposite of number (1) and also a place of “enjoyment”.

3)   Human beings – Place to read stories

4)   Animals – Place either to get killed, loved or slaved.

5)   Wandering spirit – Place to wander around aimlessly.

6)   Hell beings – Place of “suffering” e.g. hungry ghost

I would not be writing in depth of these 6 places as this topic is not in Yin Feng Shui practice. Next time perhaps when we combine the yin and yang and apply yin yang feng shui. These are natural states and are well versed by Yin Yang practitioner(s). Now I am focusing stories based on Yin feng shui and as such I will be only writing stories in line with Yin practice.

As far as Yin feng shui practice is concerned, when is the actual time of death? And how Yin fellow helps in the process of reincarnation?

Again, under my interpretation and understanding, the actual time of death will be either when the soul realizes its death (expiry date) of its body or realizes that it had died even though the body had died many many years ago. Take an example as in the story of substitute ghost (password to the story is “ccfong”), the person jumped from 20th storey and repeated the process of jumping. The actual time of death is when the soul realizes that he died already…

How can Yin feng shui fellow  assist in the process of reincarnation?

Practically, NOTHING….. At most we can help is to let the soul realizes its death and proceed on. The process of reincarnation and which place it lands are dependent on many factors especially karma.

We always keep this in mind – “A death of a life will mean the birth of another”.

While majority of us had landed up (reincarnated) into this human world reading with a total wipeout of past life memories, a minority of us still have. Please stay tuned for the reasons. With these reasons, I can thus answer to YSB’s question. His question I quote:

“Master Fong, It will be interesting to have your view about Reincarnation. In Tibetan belief, many lamas return to this world to continue their teaching as Guru. How do you view this in Yin Fengshui and how can one identify a reincarnated lama or guru? Yin Eye Can See?”

Thanks YSB for your tibits. And please stop kicking my car. I only kicked your house once in our past life. Maybe you have compounded interest over the many years that’s why you keep kicking my car. Okie, reasonable. ;P

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, happily “eating snake” as tomorrow is a public holiday, signing off…..

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