Reincarnation – Introduction

I have received a question through email from YSB regarding reincarnation.

Here is the quote of his question:

“Master Fong, It will be interesting to have your view about Reincarnation. In Tibetan belief, many lamas return to this world to continue their teaching as Guru. How do you view this in Yin Fengshui and how can one identify a reincarnated lama or guru? Yin Eye Can See?”

Thanks YSB for your question.

I am in the midst of brainstorming and flowcharting your question. Thus, this story may also contain many parts and once again, it will be based on Yin Feng Shui theory and it’s view on reincarnation – In other words, after death and before birth.

So far in my flow of my story, I will address the following:

-       What is Reincarnation and how it works?

-       What is Yin Feng Shui’s view on it?

-       Furthermore, does Yin Feng Shui also assists the deceased (using fengshui) to have a smooth journey afterlife?

-       Yin’s view on gurus coming back as a new form (reincarnation) to continue their practice and teachings and why do they do that?

-       What is going on in the “new”

-       How can we identify if the reincarnated guru is the same guru whom had died some time ago.

-       Can Yin Eye see as in can a Yin fellow knows what is your past life?

If anyone would like to add in any questions to my flow of thoughts, please email me at

This is an introduction story and I will just highlight a very brief overview of reincarnation. Please feel free to treat the story as fiction.

Under Yin feng shui theory or belief, reincarnation refers to a rebirth of the soul in a new Form or Body.

Form here represents heavenly beings (e.g. Angels), Asuras (e.g. Fallen Angels), wandering spirits and hell beings.

Body here represents animals and human bodies like you and me.

For simplicity reasons, I will refer reincarnation of the Soul to the human body (like you and me) in my stories on reincarnation.

When a person passes on, under Yin theory, only the body is malfunction and the body dies, the soul will normally go to a holding ground, settle some administration stuff and then within 49 days, they will be reincarnated (something like “being posted”) to either any of the forms or bodies.

Take me for example. I am now 18 31 years old. Where was I 33 years ago? I could be from any of the forms or bodies and that forms or bodies passed on and my Soul landed in my mother’s tummy.

Most of us cannot remember what we were before life. What I understood from the Yin teaching was that when reincarnated into bodies, we in a new body cannot remember what we were before life; but if we reincarnated into forms, we may have the chance of remembering what was our past life.

However, memories of what we were, did, etc. are being stored in our subconscious mind. You may refer to my earlier stories on Conscious and Subconscious Mind.

In human or animal body form, my opinion and understanding of the reason why most of us cannot remember our past life(s) is to avoid complications and sophisticated manner of life (body) and also overlapping of relationships or events. Let me put a simple example to illustrate the overlapping of relationships or events. Imagine if you are marrying your spouse, you remembered that your spouse was your grandmother or grandfather in your previous life. Would you still marry your spouse? Thus, in order to avoid all these complications in life, nature makes it such that when we reincarnated into bodies, we are unable to remember past life(s) unless for special circumstances such as Gurus, Yin fellow, etc.

Having said that, karma (you “enjoy” what you seed) plays a very BIG part. Let me show you another example to illustrate. Let’s say in the past life, I was walking along the stable and happened to see my friend’s (by the name of “YSB”) horse parking there, I went and kicked his horse. YSB got furious and wanted to revenge but did not get a chance in that previous life. Then comes to this life…. One fine day when YSB was walking in a basement carpark, he suddenly saw a dark blue car parking at the handicapped lot. Unknowingly, he just kicked the dark blue car and after kicking the car, he just feels happy and relief and then forward me the photograph of him kicking my car. In other words, memories of past life(s) still exist somewhere in our subconscious mind.

I guess I would have to pause here as I need some time to plan my story and also not to write too much details in a single story as I am afraid I may get overboard and write what I am not supposed to disclose under my Yin regulations ;P

Let me have the weekend to plan and mind map and brain storm the flow of this story. Have a great weekend!!!!

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, looking for YSB’s car for revenge, signing off.

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