After speaking with a good friend who specializes in IT, I understand that hacking is a common issue and mine may be a random one so I decided to carry on with my stories telling in

Well, this ccfong is too much, got free advice from his friend and somemore make his friend treated him MacDonald’s new Matcha flury icecream. Not only that, this ccfong even steals his French fries.

Thanks Samuel!!!

Today I will write your question to me yesterday about curse(s).

I hereby rephrase his question using my own words:

With reference to the story Ancestor’s curse, how strong or effective then is a curse from a human to another fellow human?

In other words, if you curse me (if you ever dare), how strong will be your curse?

Based on yin feng shui theory….

It all depends on that (i) the seniority of the curse “er” (the one who curse) to the curse “ee” (the one who receives the curse) and (ii)the material point in time when you curse me; and (iii) the method of cursing.

(i) The seniority factor:

In theory, if the curse “er” is someone who is senior (e.g. grandparents, parents, uncles or aunties in any way / relation) than the curse “ee”, the effect of the curse is strong. It is stronger if the curse “er” is the curse “ee”’s parents or grandparents. Normally, curses from those senior (alive) whom have close relation (by blood) to the one being curse, the curses are very effective and sometimes there may not be any remedy. The reason behind this theory is because your life is given by your parents and grandparents. Thus, they have this stupid percentage of “overwriting” in your life. If they praise you, life goes on as usual; but if they curse you, this element of “overwriting” comes into play and somehow it will affect your life with accordance to the curse. In other words, if kenna cursed by any seniors who have blood relationship with you, it somehow is a “guarantee” (about 97%) confirmed curse that will take effect.

If the curse is from a senior who has no blood relationship to you e.g. your parents in law, there is a higher (roughly 80%) chance that the curse may take effect.

If the curse comes from persons who are “same level” as you (e.g. siblings, friends, etc.) or from persons who are junior than you (e.g. your nephew, etc.), whether the curse takes effect will depends wholly on (ii) the material point in time when you kenna the curse from them.

(ii) the material point in time when the curse is being made

This means that how was your luck during the point in time when the curse is being made. Let me explain to you how luck works. Luck changes every second or even milliseconds. In other words, your luck as at now and one second later can be very different – now your luck is very good, next second very bad but two seconds later very good again. If during that material point in time if someone not so senior curses you and your luck is average to very good, then the curse has a very low percentage of taking effect. If during that material time your luck is from bad to very bad, then the curse will jalan (take effect).

Even though if your luck is very good, the curse may still take effect if the method of curse is being carried out in a “correct manner”.

(iii) Methods of cursing

Well, I am not teaching any methods here but just give you some strong methods of cursing – Please do not curse anyone. Not good for everyone.

If someone kneel down in front of you and curse you, the strength of the curse is very strong. This is known as poisonous curse 毒咒.

If someone curses you in places such as places of worships, the strength of the curse is also very strong. This is known as supported curse. Supported in the sense that there are “3” parties involved in this cursing process. One – Curse “er”, Two – Curse “ee”; and Three – the “deity or spirits” in the places of worships as a witness to the curse.

Normally, these are the 2 most effective methods of cursing. Not going to elaborate more examples as I afraid that they are being used by anyone of you ;P

Having said all these effectiveness of the curse, then how to break them?

One effective way to break the curse from anyone is to stay alert and vigilant during the material point in time when the curse is made. If you kenna cursed by anyone, use a strong tone and scold them back – remember scold back and not curse back. Be very firm and the words of scolding them back can be in any way or language. Let me give you an example of scolding back – “You ah, @#$#@%$#$#^$%^%&^^*(#@#*%&@^&!&!**%!@$”:?>+_#(^&@XYZABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

This method is to use your yang qi first to push your luck (during that material point in time) to be at least average and also using the yang qi to break the curse. If possible, if you kenna cursed during the material point in time, tilt your body slanted a bit and start to scold them back as in my brilliant example on top. Tilting your body is equivalent to “siam” (escape) the effect of the curse.

If you did not do the above during the material point in time during the curse, please do not hesitate to approach your friendly yin feng shui practitioner such as the handsome, tall, striking, young, manly fat, full of nonsense, ugly me. We will use yin practitioner’s method to “wash away” the curse or the effects of the curse.

Thank you Thank you!!!! You are most welcome!!!!!!

Thanks Samuel for your question that inspired me to write up this story and this story is dedicated to you and also to compensate those French fries that I stole from you…. Hehehehehehehe!!!!! Really many many appreciations to you for taking the trouble to come to my house downstairs the McDonald’s to address the issue of being hacked.

Please stay tuned for more stories.

At the moment, I am still drafting up my flow chart on the story “Ghost Wife”. It is a long story and please give me some time to draft it out.

I also look forward to your support (somewhere below this page) in

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, tilting his body here and there, signing off. Please do not be mistaken. I tilt my body is not to siam any curse, it is to lose some belly fats.

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