A visit to the zoo

Today’s story is to take up a challenge with a friend. He commented that all my stories are spiritual and challenged me if I am able to write anything about my past without any spiritual involvement.


Of course! I am also a human what!!! Well, let me write a story regarding my experience about my childhood – somewhere around when I was in Primary 4.


Then in an English class, we were told to write a Composition on the topic “A visit to the zoo”.


Below is roughly what I wrote (with my recollection and in my P4 English):


One sunny Sunday, my family planned to go to the zoo. I woke up early on that morning, feeling excited. Surprisingly, my elder brother and parents were still sleeping.


Then, I woke them up telling them that we were going to the zoo. I then go to the kitchen to brush my teeth. As I was old already, I went and bathed by myself. After doing everything, I was surprised again to see my elder brother and parents were still sleeping.


And then, I shouted loudly “Wake Up!” Finally, they woke up lazily and my brother went to brush teeth while my father read newspaper and my mother made breakfast.


I had bread painted with butter and some jam. I ate two pieces and my brother ate only one. Feeling proud, I told my brother he lost. While we were eating our bread, my father was still reading the newspaper.


After that, I go change shirt. That day I felt that red was my lucky colour. So I wanted to wear red but my mother refused saying scare the bull in the zoo will dash towards me and knock me down. I felt scared and then wore white and my brother wore yellow. I think yellow was his lucky colour that Sunday. While changing our shirts, my father was still reading the newspaper.


Feeling very busybody, I also went and read the newspaper but I found it not interesting. Finally, my father put down the newspaper and decided to change shirt. He wore green colour while my mother wore purple colour.


Then we go out of the door. I asked my father whether he wanted to bring along the newspaper. He said no need. And then my father drove us to the zoo. We were all very excited.


Finally, we reached the zoo. I went to the ticket counter to buy the tickets. The man in the ticket counter told me that the zoo was closed for the day.


Feeling unlucky, we went back home sadly. I complained to my mother that I should have worn red and the zoo would have been opened. When we reached home, my father continued to read the newspaper while my brother and I went to eat lunch.


The End.


Well, guess what?


I received my composition script with a very BIG red cross with two words of “SEE ME” in red ink on my script. No marks were given to me.


At that material time, I felt puzzled and went to see my teacher. She scolded me jia lat jia lat and explained to me that I was writing out of topic. Then, I argued back at her explaining that it was a Visit to the Zoo but unfortunately the zoo did not open and it wasn’t my fault at all. And in the end we visited the zoo and I was writing on the process of the visit to the zoo which I deemed I was right.


Well, I just had a good scolding and my teacher did a very very YIN thing – She called up my mother.


Since then, I vowed to hate composition. Now karma lor…. Got to write composition nearly everyday to make Tiffany happy and also for you all to mark read.


Hope you all had enjoyed your weekends!!! I had a great meal with my Godpa (Godmum, Evelyn’s brother in law) and he agreed me writing his personal story – Marrying a Ghost wife. Interesting but I may need some time to plan and write about this story.


And also then hor, I hope that today’s composition also can brighten up your Monday Blues that you may be feeling now. Well, while I was writing this composition, my father was still reading the newspaper. Hehehehehehehe!!!


This composition is also dedicated to Tiffany and I wish her speedy recovery and get well soon.


Please stay tuned for more stories!


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, going to read the newspaper together with his father, signing off.

****************************sign off*********************************


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