Tiffany’s reply

Tiffany posted this on her wall..

“Hello, just read your Tiffany story on your blog and it somehow uses me as your excuse to be lazy! I am lying motionless and I need to read some new stories so I can audit you and your story. You and your story shall be my stepping stone for my recovery.”

My reply to her now in this story:

Motionless still can type in your wall and hump dump me ah? Not happy ah?!? Not happy, stand up and kick me la!!!!!!

Well, this is also a good news to me as she seems to be recovering well and also a good news to us as she is willing to share her side of stories over here at However, her requirement for me is to improve my England as it is very powderful….

We are using a technique of recovering that is practiced in the theory of yin or Asura – is known as the technique of “story telling”. This technique is to enable us to let go of all our information and by letting go, we try to find the essence or in other words, while our mind is trying to bookshelves our thoughts / memories of our past memories, we may pick up the essence in this case – our fighting spirit that was once in us and use it in our recovery.

Well, being injured is only the beginning. It is the route of recovery that is the most difficult. Let’s say for the two of us, we suffered disabilities (be it temporary or permanently) and a lost of our beloved comrade. In the beginning, we lose all fighting spirit. The easiest way out is to either lay back and give up on life and just wait for things to happen to change us – at a point, suicidal becomes a valid option.

It is never easy.

Physically – you are in pain.

Mentally – you blame here and there and do not want to carry on.

Emotionally – you are depressed especially when the symptoms of Post Trauma Stress Disorder hits you.

Spiritually – you are lost.

Financially – you lose your power of survival and have to live on with your pitiful savings. Once it is depleted, you are in trouble – cannot afford medical help.

Externally – you will be gossiped by people around you – be it in front of you or behind you.

Reality – those whom you thought are your best buddies and will stay by your side no matter rain, thunder or lightning – They are the first to leave you.

Appearance – you always keep crying in the dark until you look not handsome or pretty.

Physique – Depression cause you to eat and eat or not to eat so you either become a Fatty bum bum or a bamboo stick.

Dream – 88% of your dreams relate to your material time of accident / downfall – worst nightmare.

Ambition – you will think how to kill yourself or where to hide in the future.

Feeling – you just feel defeated.

Many many more……. If I continue to write, it will be never ending. All are negative.

So a way to negate all these negativities is to story tell and story tell your experiences in the past before the downfall. At the back of your mind, you are comparing yourself past and present and it somehow spikes your fighting spirits and psychologically it motivates you to move on. And your readers of your story telling will know how complicated your life is… Wakakakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!

Tiffany, I hope this story inspires you a little bit. Hope story telling helps you – If you are willing, let me know what story you want to share and I will write it out. will be our platform to recover physically and spiritually :-)

加油 Add Oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, cracking his head to think of more stories, signing off…….

************************sign off****************************



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