Dear all,

Sincere apologies for the long break of stories due to a comrade of mine named Tiffany had been injured during her modeling. She fell off stage that is about one story high and was injured seriously. After going through a surgery on her cervical and lumbar spine, she seems to be recovering.

I know Tiffany while in the course of understudying on “Asura”. There were 3 of us – Venn, Tiffany and myself and had passed out the course.

Please treat the below as fictional story:

Well, Yin Feng Shui is being “linked” to Asura just like how Yang Feng Shui links to heavenly beings. Only thing is that the heavenly beings criticized and named Ausra “the fallen Angel” or demons or whatever. Laymen will classify Heavenly beings as “creation” that is “good” while Asura as “destroy” that is “bad” e.g. sabotage, hump dump, fight, etc.

By looking at the Tai Chi symbol, there is no exact definition of good and bad as in good there is bad and vice versa. Hence, my opinions on Yin and Yang or Asura and Heavenly Beings are a difference in perception. Well, till one had been through both these 2 perceptions, one will have an idea of the theory of “whole”, “infinity”, “zero (emptiness)” and then write fictional stories…. hehehehe!!!! If not, the Yang or Heavenly beings will create stuff to prove the Yin or Asura’s perception to be wrong while the latter will destroy or sabotage the creation to prove otherwise.

More in depth story regarding Asura will be discussed in due course.

Be it Asura, Heavenly beings, Yin or Yang, we are still humans. My human comrade had injured herself and is currently having my full attention on her. 2 methods that we (these type of creatures) used. One – Is to “distant heal” that is quite impossible for me as I am also injured. Second – Is to cheer her on and encourage her. As the two of us, jokers, had agreed upon that we are not facebook friends but we checked on each other’s Facebook now and then, we often post messages to each other on our wall and friends would think we all something wrong somewhere.

Reason is very simple – We don’t want to “put all eggs in one basket”. If we are each other’s friends in Facebook, we can be easily targeted and spotted. As we cover each other’s backside and duties, we cannot be seen and identified in “Public” e.g. Media, Facebook, etc. This is Yin practice – so that you all would not identify her and her friends cannot identify me too.

So, this is the reason why I post a lot of posts regarding her on my Facebook – to motivate and encourage her. For those who had played a part in cheering her on either in Facebook or personal private messages, I thank you and I pledge to be always there for you :-)

Please do continue to cheer her on, motivate her, etc. by posting or joking in my Facebook posts to her. This is all I can do for her.

Once situation is more stable, I will continue to write more stories. And also on stories on what both Tiffany and I practice. :-)

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, wishing Tiffany a speedy recovery, signing off. Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

************************sign off*************************


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