Hungry Ghost Festival – An Introduction

Hehehehehe….. This story is long overdue and should be written and uploaded one month ago. Sincere apologies cos of a fierce battle that requires my full focus on it. It’s over and I am slowly recuperating.


So what is Hungry Ghost Festival and how does it happens and what is it like in the spiritual world (this dimension) and our neighbor dimension?


Well, again, this is written based on Yin aspect of theory and by all means, you may treat it as fiction.


We all know the history of this Hungry Ghost Festival and how it comes about. You may do a little research if you ain’t sure. It’s practically about a person trying to save his mum from Hell….. Here, I am not so interested in the history of this festival but instead how this story makes this Hungry Ghost Festival materializes.


As a Chinese, we have been taught or being implanted of the story of Hungry Ghost and during the month, we have to avoid doing some things here and there and so on….. With these, we have the mentality of the ghost gate opening somewhere back in our mind. And there are millions and millions of Chinese in this dimension (i.e. world) and with these millions of power of mind that focus during the first day of the Hungry Ghost month, these combination of minds thus really push open the “Ghost Gate” and these Hungry Ghost from Hell would then be one month of wandering spirits that can roam around our streets, home, etc.


In conclusion, it’s the power of the millions and millions of minds that come together and meet at a point (focus) that create things. Let’s put it in an simple example, if these millions and millions of minds come together and focus on this Fatty ccfong to walk without support, I can guarantee that I can walk again. That’s the power of mind.


Hence one way to kill or put off this festival is that these millions of mind forget about this festival and hence there will be no force from the power of the minds to push open the gate.


Final conclusion, under Yin feng shui theory, it is the power of the minds that had come together to create this Hungry Ghost Festival.


Please do not mix up with Hungry Ghost and wandering spirit.


Wandering spirits are also ghosts that co-exist in the same dimension as us – only difference is that they do not have a physical body. Just imagine the soul in our body without our physical body and yet still co-exist in this same dimension reading stories from


Hungry Ghosts are ghosts from the other world i.e. Hell. They are many types of Ghosts in Hell and hungry ghosts are just a type of the many types.


How they can become hungry ghosts, how they look like, what do they do during the hungry ghost festival, etc….???? Please stay tuned to for more story.


As at this moment, I urge all story readers of to focus and wish that this Fatty Fong Chun Cheong is able to walk again. Hehehehehehehehehe… My dream is very simple. It’s just to walk again like you. How wonderful!!!!


As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, recuperating from all kinds of injuries, signing off….

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