Back to Action

Dear all,

I am back to action after this month of fighting and “war”. Well, I could not disclose the “war” here but it was very energy-draining so much so that I need another Yin Feng Shui practitioner, Tiffany, to back me up and “support fire”.

Sincere apologies to those whom tried to contact me this period but to no avail. I will contact you all back again, please do give me time.

Well again, let me relate how Feng Shui works to my “war”.

I had entered into a “war” and things were against me. Attacks follow attacks, one after another. As such, situations were very bad till I had to pause all work to be done e.g. feng shui services, writing stories, putting up items in, keeping in contact with you all, etc.

Feng Shui is just like this. If feng shui of a premise or even feng shui of your life is no good, you will find difficulties in every single thing you do and sometimes you have to pause or even give up on things you should do e.g. to earn a living, to read stories, etc.

Thus, I had requested another practitioner, Tiffany, to back me up (i.e. to feng shui myself) so that I will not be depleted in the “war” and ensure a smooth journey during this period of fight. Hence, relating this to feng shui, feng shui is important so to ensure that the things you do can become smooth. In other words, it enhances efficiency to gain the effectiveness.

After this fight, I am practically “injured” here and there. The way of Yin states that after a fight, it is the beginning of a new fight (that may or may not come) so Yin practitioners should always train up day by day as if he is in a fight. Train as if you are in a real fight so that during a fight, it is just another training. Always be operationally ready at all times.

I missed writing stories in And finally, I can be back full force in continuing to pen down our Yin feng shui practices and theories.

Once again, I hope you all can stay tuned again for more upcoming stories.

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, wah!!!! Long time never type and say this, let’s do it again….

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, recuperating and preparing to write more stories, signing off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wah!!!! Feels so good!!!!!! :-)

********************sign off*********************



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