ccfong is going to be a Personal Trainer…

Happy Saturday everyone!!! is announcing that ccfong will be undergoing a personal trainer course soon (probably this coming August to maybe end of the year).

Many people have been asking ccfong on how did he manage to climb up from being injured (handicapped).

Yes, I have to admit that I use mostly Yin Feng Shui method (Physical and Mentally) to push myself out from a depression, try to be “abled” again even though I am still disabled and took up the gruesome Triathlon. This, I have to say is mainly “Mind over Body”.

I am unable to write this method down but I can pass down this method to you all or your children so that this Yin Feng Shui method of “never give up” spirit and the fighting spirit and “Mind over Body”.

Of course, this method is not on theory. It needs to be done through coaching i.e. me being a personal trainer and to guide you the yin methods of exercising to increase your physical and most importantly your mental strength for the “Mind over Body”.

To give you a brief idea on Yin method of exercising, it is a kind of mediation (breathing technique) while exercising e.g. swimming, running, gyming, etc. It looks as if you are exercising, but instead you are improving your mental state (of calmness, steadiness, etc.) together with your physical state. In other words, while you are doing a normal exercise to strengthen yourself physically, Yin method also adds in the strengthening of yourself mentally and spiritually.

Thus, to guide a person to do this Yin exercises, I must need to undergo this Personal Trainer course so that I can understand the exercises and its mechanism on how to strengthen physically and on top of that, I will guide on how to train up your mind while doing the normal exercises.

I am trying to raise some funds to financially support this Personal Trainer course. I am selling this keychian Money Tree (as shown below) and all proceeds will be used for this personal training course. And of course, I welcome sponsorships :-)

IMG_0349 IMG_0348 IMG_0350

Keychain Money Tree costs $28.88 each – Empowered by

Keychain Money Tree symbolizes money money always come to your pocket. You can keep this item in your pocket and bag. Bring it along wherever you go so that opportunities (good quality) come look for you anytime anywhere. looks forward to your support!!!! And for sponsorships, please do contact me directly or email me at :-)

Enjoy your weekends!!!!


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