Haze and the Hulu

Please do refer to the past story of Unhealthy PSI and Feng Shui remedy.

Many queries on how the haze really destroy or sabotage the feng shui “Qi” and I have to write this story – probably an extension to the above previous story.

I may have to highlight that in Chinese custom, we would burn joss sticks to respect the deities, gods, ancestors, etc. and also sometimes we burn the ‘Gan Bo Yen’ to smoke the house to clear the negative energy of the house and to ‘detox’ the house and to free the house from any bad spirits or energy. Furthermore, sometimes we burn the essence oil to have good spell and have its’ specific purpose e.g. to calm the mind, to be more energetic, to sleep well, etc. (all the good purposes).

Here, the above mentioned burning of joss sticks, ‘Gan Bo Yen’ and essence oils are for good purposes to one’s health and also to enhance good energy in the house or office.

Now, imagine the smoke from the haze. This smoke contains harmful particles that harm our health. The haze has entered into our premise and smoke the house. Unlike those smoke from burning of joss sticks, ‘Gan Bo Yen’ and essence oils, these smoke from the haze sabotages the energy in the premise and enhances the negative energy.

Thus, in order to symbolically reverse this situation, a feng shui remedy (in terms of Yin Feng Shui) is to place a Hulu and a water fountain at the water corner.

The theory is as follows:-

Water is the counter attack to smoke (fire). So this is to eliminate the smoke from the haze.

Hulu is like a vacuum cleaner. With some tilted (“enhancement”) by a yin practitioner, this Hulu acts like a vacuum cleaner and absorbs in the negative energy of the haze and then subsequently the water energy from the fountain will purify the energy in the premise.

Very simple. Just like that….

If you do happen to have a Hulu by any chance, place it in the water corner and leave it there until 1st January next year and then throw away the Hulu far far away.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, placing a liu li hulu beside my water corner, signing off….

***************sign off*****************

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