Apologies again…. I am unwell again – Superstition

Dear all, I apologize for the slow updates on the story regarding Yin practice as I am really feeling not so ok in my lungs.

I had just recovered from Influenza B that caused me to be admitted into the hospital for a week and after I discharged, the haze was very bad and I started to cough… My lungs are hurting now.

I took rest and will update the Yin stories again when I am feeling much more better.

Another superstition of Yin practices – Normally when we are unwell, we do not want to perform yin feng shui – be it burial feng shui, write stories about yin feng shui, etc. This is because when we are sick, it is being classified as the body is being yin and needs yang energy to come and recuperate the body. Thus, I have slowed down on the writing of yin practice these few days.

I seek for your understanding. After being lower limbs paralysis, my health is not so good but I will train it to be better.

By the way, I have uploaded some cute cute liu li buddhas and superb discounted liu li ornaments on fengshuiweapons.com. This is to invite more yang energy to come into my body and heal it.

I do look forward to your support and also encouragement for me to recover from this lung pain and also kidney stones.

By the way, the water fountain and Hulu is important to reset the feng shui energy of your house and office. This one I am not joking (as I always joke a lot) and I highly recommend you to have a set for your house and office.

A friend of mine, Mr Tan Wee Tai, had gotten a set from me and he had generously show a way to put the set together as being shown in the photo below:

photo-183Photo by Tan Wee Tai

Get yours soon…..

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, meditating, signing off.

****************sign off*******************

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