Water Feature Fountain

Today I had went round and round to source for water features as promised in yesterday’s story on Unhealthy PSI and Feng Shui remedy

For those who criticized me, hehehe, I had fulfilled my promise in getting ready on hand these water features. Below will be the items suitable for empowerment and to remedy the “fire” element from the Haze that affects negatively on the feng shui energy (“Qi”) in your premise.

With this water feature and the Hulu beside it (left or right is ok), they will remedy the energy and enhances the energy in the premise. Leave the water on for at least half a year from now – water should be flowing at least 2 hours daily. After half a year (without haze), you may still leave the set there, keep it or dispose it under the tree.

Below is the water features recommended for you. It will be classified under small items – seven of them and big (till knee level) items – three of them. Due to time constraint and I being very tired, i took pictures of them in their original state without water.


Item 1 – 58A


Item 2 – 58B


Item 3 – 58C


Item 4 – 58D


Item 5 – 88A

88A$88 – The left grey thing on top can turn together with the right ball also can turn.

Item 6 – 88B

88B$88 - Left side the ball and right side the grey thing can turn.

Item 7 – 98

99$98 Same same – both side the things can turn.

Small Items Water Features

BIG ITEMS – Up to Knee Level when put the feature on the floor

photo-180Soya Bean Milk Feature – Retailing at $258

photo-181Money Come to you Water feature – Retailing at $188

photo-182Buddha Water Feature, the ball there will roll – Retailing at $338.

For the Big items, you may have to contact me directly or email me at fong@ccfong.com to order.

Hope you all like the water features as displayed above. I spent the whole day sourcing these from my friend.

All the items will be hand delivered locally (Singapore). For overseas, please email me at fong@ccfong.com to order.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, playing with water, signing off…

************sign off************

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