Unhealthy PSI and Feng Shui remedy

Dear all,

I am writing this story because the PSI is currently 321 and I received many calls from friends and clients on the topic how Feng Shui can remedy the negative energy (“Qi”) caused by this Haze.

I decided to write this story (under “hot” demand now) to tackle this question…

Ok, for PSI to be above 300, it is considered unhealthy. Under Yin Feng Shui, this “fire” energy will “destroy” the energy of the surrounding in the premise especially the health and windfall energy.

Under Yin Feng Shui symbolic practice, a way to remedy such problem is to on your water fountain in the water feature and put a hulu beside it. This symbolic method is to remedy the whole situation and prevent this negative “Fire” energy from destroying the energies all over your premise. The water feature has to be on at least 3 hours a day together with the Hulu for at least 3 to 6 months after the haze.

While saying this, I had been criticized by the callers saying that why my fengshuiweapons.com don’t have water features (empowered by me) – They requested for urgent stocks.

Ok ok….. I will deliver. But I need your help on your side… You may want to send me a email to fong@ccfong.com to state that you want the water feature and your rough budget for the feature (lowest from $58), I will try to search good ones for you all. Please do not state that you want extra BIG water feature cos I only one man army and unable to deliver a BIG one. A reasonable size for this purpose is ok.

For those who forget where the water feature is, I can help you to locate it again.

U can purchase the Hulus at http://fengshuiweapons.com/?page_id=426

And for physical health aspect, please do drink more water, wear a mask while in outdoors, stay indoors most of the time. Err….. fengshuiweapons.com don’t sell masks and water ;-)

Oops, still can joke after being criticized….. haha!!!!

Let me explain how water feature and hulu works hand in hand under Yin Feng Shui. At the water corner, water represents health – be it in the real health and also the health of wealth (i.e. cash flow).

With the empowerment on the equipments / ornaments of water feature and hulu, the water feature is to help clear off the impurities of the negative “fire” qi caused by the haze which will then be “absorbed” by the Hulu and then the flowing of the water in the water feature will then cleansed the energy in the premise and remedy all destruction caused by the haze (negative “fire” energy).

Well, hope you enjoy this story and I will refer anyone to this link if they ask me the same question again. I think I had repeated my this answer at least 15 times tonight…… If you want the remedy equipments, please let me know and I will try my best to appear in front of you with the set of equipments asap… Don’t criticize me….. I very very many many shy one……… I try my best k? Promise….

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, all masked up, signing off……

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