Spin off – Revolution Part 2

Happy Sunday (16th June 2013)

Time to kepo about my revolution.

You may refer to my previous story – Spin off – Revolution.

Not too bad as my plan is doing well….

Take a look on my new weight



For 2 weeks, I had lost 4kg that is beyond my expectation. Probably it is due to my 1 week of hospitalization when I had a severe extreme back pain. I was also down with Influenza B. Furthermore, I have lost appetite while in pain for the past week. That gonna explain my 4kg loss of weigh – should be water loss.

Will continue my demonic training but to a extent when I made arrangement to have my kidney stones blasted probably in a couple of weeks time. Still in pain at my kidneys’ area but will still continue to endure.

As at now, to prevent further diamonds from crystalizing in my kidneys, i gotta drink lots of water until the reservoir dries up and flush my kidneys. However, I do hope by doing this may also flush away my current 8mm diamond in my left kidney – This is impossible but just a hope for a miracle so i no need go for the painful procedure to blast the stone.

Sadly to say that the diamonds in my kidneys are not for sale in fengshuiweapons.com

However, I do also hope that you continue to support ccfong.com and fengshuiweapons.com. Weapons will be updated now and then so you can better equip yourself with the necessary items :-)

I have had a good rest this weekend. And I will continue to write stories from tomorrow and continues my delivery boy as I am now more fit to travel around. Sincere apologies for the delay due to ccfong is being maintained physically.

Please continue to stay tuned!!!!!

Let me know what kind of stories you wanna read too.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, putting a straw into the reservoir, signing off…. Don’t blame me if there is a drought in Singapore. hehehe.

*****************sign off*******************

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