Kidney crystals

Dear all, and Fong Chun Cheong deeply apologise for the delay in uploading stories as the main character Fong Chun Cheong had not been feeling well these period.

He is currently hospitalized. Here is the newest report regarding his stones in the left and right kidneys.


I have been feeling pain here and there and they found stones in my kidneys. Tomorrow, the urologist will brief and arrange with me when to do the procedure to blast the stones. Of course, I will choose an auspicious date for myself using Yin practice of choosing date. ;-)

Having some foreign objects in the kidneys are no joke. Very tired and painful. But I will arrange a good date to have these stones removed. So hopefully tomorrow I can be discharged, take a good rest and let my body rest well to proceed with the blasting of the stones.

I will take the upcoming weekends to rest and hopefully I can be fitter physically and psychologically. At the moment, I am dong fine except for the pain and discomfort.


Greetings from me in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. And I will continue to write more stories regarding Yin Feng Shui soon. See!!! I am strong but still need a little more days to rest so my body is fit to undergo the shock wave to blast off the kidney stones. :-)

Never give in to pain. Though odds are all against me, Yin practice had taught me to always stay happy and if there are uprising problems, be stable and tackle them one by one.

I will be back to action very very very soon. Cheers!!!!!!!!!

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, looking forward to a good rest, signing off. Please continue to stay tuned for more stories. And pray for me for good healthhhhhhhhhhhh………………………..

*******************************sign off*************************************



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